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Cable, a liability to both the Lib Dem’s and the Coalition!

Vince Cable had he been a Conservative Minister he would have been fired in the first year of the coalition and many times since, Cable seems unable to grasp the concepts of government and collective responsibility, nothing is confidential with…

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Politics of Coalition and the Government Reshuffle!

Politics and the life cycle of a government means it is time for a reshuffle to refresh things but of all the Prime Ministers of recent years, unless he is very brave,┬áDavid Cameron’s room for manoeuver is extremely limited! But…

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Politics. Yes, the Politics of Vince Cable and the Lib Dem’s

So Vince Cable is playing politics and has written a letter to David Cameron criticising the government for a lack of vision beyond the financial crisis and somehow the letter has been leaked, I wonder which Lib Dem did that?…

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Politics or Lifestyle Choices, it’s a Rum Old World!

Politics, people, lifestyle or whatever the world just gets funnier, you couldn’t make it up! Sorry, your grass cuttings are too sticky, the politics of political correctness. A disabled mans wheely bin was not emptied because the grass was too…

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Lib Dem Politics and the posturing in the face of defeat!

Politics can be a dissapointing business, particularly when you thought you would never have to deliver your promises and have just lost your dream! Vince Cable is an interesting guy, more suited to opposition than government, he has no idea…

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Now, lets look at the politics of FPTP and PR and what they deliver!

We heard so much during the referendum debate about the politics of AV, which would inevitably lead to PR and what PR actually delivers against the stalwart FPTP voting system. We heard so much during the referendum debate about the…

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Nick Clegg and the Lib Dem’s politics agenda

Nick Clegg, trying to socially engineer the politics of the world, haven’t we got more important fish to fry? Nick Clegg, along with Vince Cable is showing himself to be patently unfit for government and the responsibilities of government and…

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