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Nick Clegg and the Lib Dem’s politics agenda

Nick Clegg, trying to socially engineer the politics of the world, haven’t we got more important fish to fry?

Nick Clegg, along with Vince Cable is showing himself to be patently unfit for government and the responsibilities of government and David Cameron, if he is to get a second term must start plowing a Conservative furrow.

Nick Clegg on the other hand isn’t interested in the mood of the majority of the country, he is just following his own little Lib Dem agenda of social engineering in the vain of Harriet Harman.

First lets quickly look at David Cameron, following on from his excellent speech on immigration he should, along with the immigration issue, tackle and pursue:

  1. The Human Rights Act, replace with UK bill of rights and make sure it is not written by the Lib Dem’s, David Davis would be a good choice.
  2. Europe and how do we distance ourselves from the ever zealous dictatorship, it is no more than an expensive politician ego massager.
  3. Re-visit the MOD cuts, cuts should be at admin level, you can’t make personnel redundant when we are fighting a war
  4. Dump all green taxes
  5. Repeal Harriet Harman’s equalities legislation, just for a start anyway.
  6. Tackle the political correctness in our society and the Elf & Safety brigade, particularly at council level
  7. Stop Local councils cutting front line staff, they have plenty of money and very many areas to cut without going near front line services because the Conservatives will get the blame!

Now, what about our friend Clegg, he really is a loose cannon!

  1. He is funning around trying to change the succession to the throne, making male and female heirs equal, why, this is part of our constitution and our history, it is political correctness and social engineering our monarchy, he should keep his nose out it is only of concern to do-gooder jobworths!
  2. He has criticised and attacked David Cameron’s speech on immigration but we know Clegg has no interest in the views of the electorate, just his own agenda, for his information 93% of the electorate supported David Cameron and if Cameron had made that speech before the last election we would not have needed a coalition!
  3. He has come out against the NHS reforms, now I know we are in a little trouble with these but collective responsibility dictates the coalition closes ranks and regroup, you are either in or out of government so Clegg needs to decide.

I think the loss of the AV vote will do it for Clegg & Co

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