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Paddy Ashdown put his boot into our politics and democracy to support AV

Paddy Ashdown puts his boot into our politics:
“[AV means there will be] no more safe seats – ever, politicians will now have to fight harder to get elected, every vote will count.

WRONG Paddy, I think there will be more safe seats and yes every vote will continue to count, just that some will count several times over and candidates coming 3rd could actually win the seat!

But for certain, one thing will happen, the Lib Dem’s will be in power permanently, all they will have to do is retain that 3rd slot and they will be permanently in power, no principle, no beliefs they will just switch between Labour and Conservative whichever party has the most seats, never having to be held to account for anything!

Now the truth is out, AV or any PR system is an attack on our freedoms and democracy and we also now know why the Lib Dem’s, a failed political party with minimal support, are so fanatical about AV and PR.

Bye, Bye Paddy

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