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Climate Change SCAM, the DEBATE

Climate Change, the FACTS, FALLACIES and the FICTION!

Climate Change, oh dear, so many vested interests, so much money being made by the Climate Change lobby and when anyone who opposes their views, distinguished scientist or not, they are ostracised, often losing their jobs, being overlooked for positions or grants!

So the first fallacy is the way the Climate Change lobby label anyone who opposes them as a 'Climate Change Denier', what total rubbish, such a person does not exist, the climate has been changing since this planet was born, if it hadn't we would not be here! The climate has been changing since the beginning of time and it will continue to change until it distroys us all.

Do the Climate Change lobby really think that we can actually change and control nature, we human beings who have been on this earth a mere pin prick in time, really, but what they are really talking about is Global Warming, so maybe they should be calling people who disagree with them 'Global Warming Deniers'.

Global Warming is again something that divides scientists because, irrespective of man (or woman), the earth has been warming up and cooling down since its inception, if we assume that we cannot change what happens naturaly surely the scientist must first tell us what part of any measured warming would have happened anyway!

Before the Climate Change lobby start making the whole world guilty and making countries commit fortunes to try and kirb Global Warming, the UK commitment is in excess of £400b which could easily end up at double that amount, they need to work out what would have happened anyway and then we can see what is left for us to deal with/what man/woman may have caused!

These comments, which some will be see as climate skeptic, do not mean we are against cleaner fuels, cleaner cars or cleaner energy because that is just common sense and an essential evolution, what we must do is ensure/debate whether or not the £400b already committed is invested wisely in the right areas which will make the UK a world leader in this and related technologies.

The other but same technology debate is the government push on electric cars with no diesel or petrol cars being manufactured after, I think 2040 but can you imagine the shear amount of charging points required if everyone has an electric car and the technology is still very much in its infancy, particularly for driving long distances!

Surely a better solution for a more immediate benefit to air quality would be to bring the 2040 date back to 2025 but say after 2025 the only cars that can be produced in the UK are Electric or Hybrid with an initial major push on Hybrid which do not need a charging point, most manufacturers have Hybrid options throughout their range and the impact on air quality would be 15 years sooner.

But of course government is dancing to the Green Lobby tune which in many cases is just not practical, the Greens do not do practical common sense, the government should also keep an open mind regarding diesel engines because both Loughborough University and Bosch have a device which converts diesel engines to zero emmisions

Now go to our 'Video Climate Change Debate' with a collection of video's on both side af the argument, view the video's and make your own mind up!

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