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‘itsjustlife’, is where you get the opportunity to follow our unique very ‘unpolitically correct’ take on Politics, Business, Management and well just life!

Apart from Politics, Business and Management we will keep a close watching brief on Brexit and how it develops throughout 2020 and beyond, we are massive supporters of leaving the European Union and look forward to the exciting opportunities it offers, Climate Change - the Facts and the Fallacies, Political Correctness and the crazy world it lives in, we will be investigating the Simulation Theory, are we actually real or just a computer simulation Mmmmm, finally we will look at the 'Law of Attraction' joining the power of your subconcious mind with the power of the Universe, join us on the journey!

Join in the debate, debunk the arguments, have fun, laugh or cry, even total dispair but whatever your opinions they are immensely valuable, please join in the debate!


Political Correctness and the mindless implimentation by the authorities and pressure groups, have you ever thought where that will lead? One major plank of Political Correctness is the assumption that everyone has a right not to be offended but everyone is offended by different things and bang goes our cherished Freedom of Speech for which millions have given their life, our Freedoms are very precious!


Climate Change, the favourite mantra of the Climate Change lobby is the accusation that anybody who doesn't agree with them is a Climate Change Denier and therefore needs to be ostracised to the cesspit of human existence but there is no such thing as a Climate Change Denier! We all believe in Climate Change, it has been happening since the birth of this planet we live on, if it hadn't change the human race would not have come into being, it will continue to change until it destroys us all, that is a fact no one can deny.

The other aspect of Climate Change is 'Man Made Global Warming', the evidence for this is sparce as the earth has been warming and cooling throughout its entire history and to appreciate just how much of a problem this is the scientists must first tell us, truefully, what amount of Global Warming would have happened anyway, just through nature, only then can we tell how much can be attributed to man.

If we then include the oh so crucial Brexit debate, so important for the UK's future prosperity, probably the biggest opportunity the UK has had for 100 years and the slightly wacky debate about whether we actually even exist or are we just a Computer Simulation, it would explain a lot, there is plenty of scope for heated and extremely interesting debate!

So once again, join in the debate, debunk the arguments, have fun, laugh or cry, even total dispair but whatever your opinions they are immensely valuable, please join in the debate, I will see you on the other side!

BUT wait, don't go just yet, take a look at our new category 'OPPORTUNITIES for SALE' which will introduce you to, built for you businesses and business tools, to help you build a secure financial future, either full throttle now or in your spare time, to drive you towards financial independence!

All these tools and business ideas/opportunities are researched and will work but they are all missing one thing, YOU because without you putting the work in they are useless, they all require ACTION and COMMITMENT from you every day!


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