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Cable, a liability to both the Lib Dem’s and the Coalition!

Vince Cable had he been a Conservative Minister he would have been fired in the first year of the coalition and many times since, Cable seems unable to grasp the concepts of government and collective responsibility, nothing is confidential with Cable unless it is for his own benefit, leaking is the daily game with the Lib Dem’s in government!

Vince Cable seems to hate his Conservative colleagues so much with constant attacks on policy and his cabinet colleagues including Cameron and Osborne but if he disagrees with the policies and hates the politics of his cabinet colleagues why doesn’t he resign? 

The answer is simple, Vince Cable is a Lib Dem and to the left of the Labour Party, the Lib Dem’s have no principles, treat the electorate with contempt and love the trappings of power far too much to resign! 

Vince Cable
Business Secretary

Cable’s latest out-burst is aimed at David Cameron’s efforts to control immigration into this country, a policy which has the vast majority of the country solidly behind it, Vince Cable accuses Cameron of being like Enoch Powell and showing racist tendencies.

There is nothing racist about David Cameron, it is not racist to talk about or to try and control immigration and there is no way in which Enoch Powell was racist, Enoch Powell was one of the most popular and talented politicians of his generation but was not racist, he just talked and warned people about the dangers of immigration if it was not controlled correctly, maybe in a very graphic way to get his point across but he was correct and Enoch Powell’s speech had a major effect, for the good, on British immigration policy for years to come. 

It should be remembered that at the time of his ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech Enoch Powell was probably the most popular politician with vast support across the political spectrum, he actually resigned from the Conservative Party on a point of principle over our membership of, the then, Common Market which he opposed and in those days politicians really had principles!  

Enoch Powell was of course hated by the left-wing and the liberal-left elite because they saw immigration as a way of changing the make-up of the British Electorate turning this country into a permanently left-wing state, the same reason the last Labour government allowed total unfettered immigration, Tony Blair actually stated in a speech that his aim was to ensure the Conservative Party could never get elected to government again, nothing to do with democracy, quite the opposite.

The Lib Dem philosophy and holy grail of Coalition Government is also designed to keep the Lib Dem’s in power without electoral support because irrespective of the electoral make up which treats the electorate with contempt, it is called power without accountability as practiced in the European Union (EU), non of the Lib Dem policies have any electoral support, mass immigration, high taxation, complete integration into the EU both politically and fiscally, increased powers for and complete obedience to the European Court of Human Rights, £billions wasted on foreign aid for very little effect, we are even funding China, the list goes on!

The tool to ensure a permanent place in power for the Lib Dem’s is of course Proportional Representation (PR) which they have been trying to impose on the British electorate all through this current coalition, PR is one of the worlds least democratic systems of electing a government and you simply do not know what you are voting for because policy is decided after the election behind closed doors.

Look at Germany which is a PR system, it took them a month to form a government even though Angela Merkel had a sweeping victory because PR guarantees a coalition government and the third party, for the third party read Lib Dem, just changes side to form a government with the larger of the other 2 parties, policy is decided after the election.

The smaller third placed parties have, like the Lib Dem’s, little electoral support but have a major say in the power play for policy because if they pick up their toys and go the coalition government falls, what a way to run a country but the ideal way to guaranty permanent power for the like’s of Nick Clegg and Vince Cable.

Vince Cable has now had his time, he has done the damage and it is time for him to resign and hopefully in 2015 we will lose coalition government in this country for good, in the name of democracy I hope so!

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