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Lib Dem Politics and the posturing in the face of defeat!

Politics can be a dissapointing business, particularly when you thought you would never have to deliver your promises and have just lost your dream!

Vince Cable is an interesting guy, more suited to opposition than government, he has no idea of the meaning of collective responsibility and if he were a Conservative Minister he would have been sacked months ago, for an example just look at his critisism of his Conservative colleagues in the coalition who, in the words of Paddy Ashdown, have set up enviable lines of communcation and cooperation.

Mr Cable said: “Some of us never had many illlusions about the Conservatives but they have emerged as ruthless, calculating and thoroughly tribal. “I think they have always been that way, but you have to be businesslike and professional and you have to work with people who aren’t your natural bedfellows and that is being grown-up in politics.”

I wouldn’t call that comment behaving in a business like and professional way, in fact once again he probably deserves the sack for his comments, how on earth does he now relate to his Conservative colleagues in the coalition?

Of course Vince Cable is just posturing in the face of defeat, along with his Lib Dem colleagues who have to face up to electoral humiliation, they did badly at the last general election but were able to grab victory out of the jaws of defeat but now, this is real!

The Libs of course are talking about a new relationship, they are going to be stronger and demonstrate their restraining influence on the big bad Tories but David Cameron must be strong, the Libs have had over 60% of their manifesto included in the governments program with unprecedented lines of communication and cooperation, not bad for a junior partner who fared badly at the general election!

To accommodate the Libs, Conservative policies vital to the renewal of this country have been sidelined and now is the time for David Cameron to stamp his authority over the coalition by:

  1. starting to distance the UK from the EU with look at the powers we need to repatriate
  2. starting work on the UK Bill of Rights to replace the European Court of Human Rights
  3. making it illegal for prisoners to take legal action against the authorities and to receive compensation
  4. toughening up the fight against crime
  5. making sure the benefits of growth and recovery flow back to the people generating that recovery in lower taxation
  6. removing the 50% top tax band
  7. raise the stamp duty limit for buying a house to
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