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Politics. Yes, the Politics of Vince Cable and the Lib Dem’s

So Vince Cable is playing politics and has written a letter to David Cameron criticising the government for a lack of vision beyond the financial crisis and somehow the letter has been leaked, I wonder which Lib Dem did that?

Politics, collective responsibility and cohesive coalition government are not the games the Lib Dem’s are playing, whilst when the coalition was first formed everyone assumed that collective cabinet responsibility would keep the debates within the coalition under raps and the coalition united that has not been the case with the Lib Dem’s playing politics and acting like a full-blown opposition within government, only the Conservative’s are playing within the spirit of the coalition and Cameron must wise up!

It must be the most difficult thing in government, working with partners that just can’t be trusted and who are not interested in country, popular support or rational common sense just their own party, fanatical dogma and their own place in power even though they have virtually no policies which carry popular support, it is called government in spite of the people not politics and government for the people. Further reading

Yes I am afraid the coalition does not share the politics of Vince Cable nor his vision for the country because the policies he wants to pursue, such as:

Vince Cable the Centre of muddled thinking!
  1. Total integration into the European Union
  2. High taxation on the wealthy, which will actually reduce the tax take and stagnate the economy
  3. Unfettered immigration into this country
  4. Green policies which will, if allowed to continue, bankrupt the country and bring hardship to many families
  5. Total obedience to the European Court of Human Rights
  6. Proportional Representation which will guarantee the Lib Dem’s permanent power, an anti-democracy charter
  7. Soft on Crime policies
  8. Anti-Business policies and rhetoric

To name but a few and the reason the Conservative side of the coalition do not share his vision is that apart from it being a recipe for disaster and decline, Vince Cable’s vision has absolutely no public support but then the Lib Dem’s, like the European Union, have never been about democracy. The Lib Dem’s may preach democracy but don’t be taken in the Lib Dem’s are probably about anything the European Union wants to do and their own cushy place in power but power without responsibility because under PR there is nothing the public can do!

Further reading

Vince Cable attacks backward looking Tories, in theory his partners, with friends like this you don’t need enemies!

Vince Cables letter to David Cameron fails to think outside the box for business!

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