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Politics of Coalition and the Government Reshuffle!

Politics and the life cycle of a government means it is time for a reshuffle to refresh things but of all the Prime Ministers of recent years, unless he is very brave, David Cameron’s room for manoeuver is extremely limited!

But in politics you only get so many chances and Cameron’s are running out, he has no choice but to be brave, if David Cameron carries on spending more time worrying about Nick Clegg’s position rather than the policies required to turn this country around he will lose the next election and condemn the Conservative Party to a further 10+ years in opposition.

David Davis MP

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Let me repeat, if David Cameron carries on the way he is he will lose the next election and will, along with George Osborne, go down in history as a failed leader, there will be no legacy accept a legacy of failure and missed opportunity, not only will he condemn the Conservative Party to possibly permanent opposition the damage that will be done to the country will be irretrievable! 

The simple questions that everyone is asking are 1) does David Cameron have the courage to win the next election, 2) is David Cameron a Conservative and does he really believe in Conservative values and ideals, 3) or is David Cameron trying to change the very nature of the Conservative Party, 4) does David Cameron really even appreciate the mess he is in?

If Cameron is trying to change the very nature of the Conservative Party through his modernisation policies and move the party to the left of centre then he will lose the next election badly because is against the grassroots of the Conservative Party and against 65%/70% of the electorate, he will be responsible for changing politics in this country for ever ad condemning the Conservative Party to permanent opposition!

If Cameron does not act the most likely outcome at the next election is a Labour/Lib Dem coalition, Proportional Representation (PR) and a government which will be almost impossible to remove, which is exactly what Labour and the Lib Dem’s want, permanent power without real accountability and an electoral system where no-body gets what they wanted accept the left-wing politicians. 

Yet the answer for David Cameron and politics in this country is so simple but would have been so much easier if he had done it from the start of the coalition rather than now when he will also have to call the Lib Dem’s bluff!


The electorate simply cannot understand why Cameron has allowed a minority coalition partner with little electoral appeal to dictate coalition policy, over 65% of the largely ludicrous Lib Dem manifesto has been implemented whilst all the flagship Conservative policies which received massive support at the last election have been dropped such as

  1. Withdrawing from the European Court of Human Rights and drawing up our own Bill of Rights  –  65% electoral support
  2. Withdrawal from our current relationship with the European Union and repatriation of powers  –  85% electoral support
  3. Strict and quantifiable limits on immigration  –  75% electoral support
  4. Lower taxes and fuel duties  –  85% electoral support
  5. Scrapping the majority of the wasteful quango system  –  85% electoral support
  6. The scrapping of beaurocracy that is holding back growth in this country whether from within or the European Union  –  85% electoral support
  7. Making it easier for companies to hire and fire employees, currently it is simply too expensive to employ people  –  controversal but say 65% electoral support if sold correctly

David Davis is making a speech outlining many of the actions we need to take (Further reading) and Cameron could do a lot worse than adopt what David Davis is proposing and bring him back into a senior cabinet role, it is a fact that the worst choice the Conservative Part made was to reject David Davis as party leader, bad for the party and bad for the country.

What of the Lib Dem’s, they will shout, kick and scream but the only choices they have are to submit and accept it, bring the coalition down and lose 65% their MP’s or course disruption for the remainder of the coalition but they are a major hinderance to the coalition and the growth of our economy.

The current crop of Lib Dem’s in government positions are seemingly unsuitable for government and Vince Cable, although he is favourite to succeed Nick Clegg, it totally out of his depth and is little different having Ed Balls in that position so David Cameron needs to remove/move any Lib Dem from position responsible for the economy, business and Europe.

Non of this will be easy, not least because Cameron has lost a lot of trust with his dithering, with the electorate and his own party, it will also require further deep cuts but if Cameron can be bold there is still time for him to prove me wrong and then he will have a legacy of which he can be proud, if not politics and the country will be very unforgiving!

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