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Brexit Win, 16 Reasons To Celebrate Brexit Win for Democracy!

BREXIT – New post from The One Hundredth Monkey by Tyler Durden Jun 29, 2016 2:00 AM ¬†Submitted by Doug Bandow via NationalInterest.org, Watching the Brexit campaign generated mixed feelings: it was a little like the man who saw his…

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Politics, Sean Penn and the Falkland Islands

I see that the actor Sean Penn has entered the politics real and attacked the UK over the Falkland Islands after a meeting with the Argentina President Cristina Fern√°ndez de Kirchner, it is a pity he doesn’t understand what he…

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Argentina’s UN threat: the Falklands and Argentina’s Colonialism!

So now Argentina is going to take the UK to the UN for militarising the Falklands but it is a conflict of Argentina’s own making and it is the history of Argentina’s own aggression which forces the UK to defend…

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European Union fights for survival, the Euro-Zone Crisis rumbles on!

The European Union and the Euro-Zone crisis, the problem they don’t want to face up to, but it is rolling like a snowball! The UK is paying a high price to rescue the European Union and its Euro-Zone, it has…

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GORDON BROWN, Politics, the Dream Crumbles!

So, the knives are out for Gordon Brown, this is the world of politics and some in the Labour Party are even longing for the Blair era which they perceive as being successful. Well before we look at the Blair…

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