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GORDON BROWN, Politics, the Dream Crumbles!

So, the knives are out for Gordon Brown, this is the world of politics and some in the Labour Party are even longing for the Blair era which they perceive as being successful. Well before we look at the Blair era let’s be honest, the polls were going south for Labour long before Gordon Brown took over in fact Blair got out before he was humiliated and with a totally damaged reputation but Brown has been so bad he has almost single-handed repaired the Blair reputation!


It has always amazed that the left-wing press has been totally mesmerised by New Labour since 1997, understandable if this had been a successful period but it has been the worst government for over 100 years, so lets look at the achievements of New Labour:

  1. Independence for The Bank of England, this was also being considered by the Conservatives but current events question its actual success.
  2. Before New Labour came to power the United kingdom had a pension set up which was the envy of europe, if not the world . The second thing New Labour did was to increase the tax on pensions, and the result, the pension set up in the United Kingdom is now the basket case of europe – that is of course unless you are an MP or are a Civil Servant!
  3. Ever since their election in 1997 New Labour have made a determined effort to undermine the House of Lords which was the very best debating and reforming chamber in the world, bar none. The argument went that a chamber producing/passing legislation must be elected and not selected but the House of Lords does not make or pass laws/legislation, it only revises and debates legislation passed to it from the House of Commons before passing it back with suggestions or amendments. In doing this the House of Lords is able to utilise the best minds in the country, people who wouldn’t normally stand for election, you see it is not the power the House of Lords has which is important, it is the power it prevents and maybe that’s the whole point.
  4. Next we had devolution, total chaos and a useless, bottomless money pit which threatens the very union of the United Kingdom.
  5. Five wars, one at least illegal, mostly without giving our troops the proper resources.
  6. Gordon Browns’s reputation was based on the economy but in reality he was completely out of his depth, inheriting a golden economy he survived by luck and make the UK the highest taxed country in europe, mostly dishonest taxes. But Gordon Brown’s incompetence has finally come home to roost.
  7. We are the most watched country in the world, the old communist states would have been proud and envious, freedom of speech is greatly hindered and the whole country is stuck in the headlights of Political Correctness, Human Rights and barmy Health and Safety rules and lets not forget the 3 finger rule – if a bin can’t be pulled with 3 fingers then the bin is too heavy, didums!

The list goes on and on but I am tired and its bedtime, come on let’s have your comments…

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