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Politics, Sean Penn and the Falkland Islands

I see that the actor Sean Penn has entered the politics real and attacked the UK over the Falkland Islands after a meeting with the Argentina President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, it is a pity he doesn’t understand what he is talking about!

Politics and Sean Penn obviously do not mix and it would be helpful if he stayed away from a subject he does not understand and perhaps while he is at it he should resign from his role with the United Nations because his stance on the Falkland Islands is in direct contravention of the United Nations Charter which has at its heart ‘self determination’.

Sean Penn

It is Argentina who are trying to play the Colonial Power by trying to force the issue of the Falkland Islands against the wishes of the people who live there and they are playing politics with the United Nations to try to take the moral high ground, now aided by her puppet Sean Penn. Further reading

The situation in the Falkland Islands is very simple, even Sean Penn should be able to grasp it, Great Britain is no longer a colonial power and neither do we want to be one but the Falkland Islands belong to the UK under International Law and the Falkland Islanders want, 100%, to stay British, that is called ‘self determination’.

Self determination is at the heart of the UN constitution and while ever the Falkland Islanders want to remain British the UK will never enter into politics of negotiations about handing over any part of the Falkland Islands to Argentina and the UK will defend the Falkland Islands as British Soil, if the inhabitants of the Falkland Islands voted to join Argentina then of course we would enter negotiations because, unlike Argentina, we do not have colonial aspirations.

Sean Penn should keep out of things he does not understand and possibly try to understand the constitution of the organisation he represents or is it just publicity for Sean Penn


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