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NHS. Politics, Lifestyle the Good and the Bad, its the NHS!

NHS, every day we pick up the newspapers and can read about the bad side of the NHS, things that don’t work and there re some areas which are appalling, every day I see evidence and the results of doctor…

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Whether it be Politics or Lifestyle this is a Christian country

Whatever walk of life, whether we are talking about politics or lifestyle this country remains a Christian Country! This country really is full of jobsworth, do-gooding, politically correct junkies who are hell bent on destroying all our traditions built up…

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Politics or Lifestyle Choices, it’s a Rum Old World!

Politics, people, lifestyle or whatever the world just gets funnier, you couldn’t make it up! Sorry, your grass cuttings are too sticky, the politics of political correctness. A disabled mans wheely bin was not emptied because the grass was too…

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Tottenham Hotspur, its a lifestyle choice!

I suppose you would see it as strange that I would call supporting Spurs a lifestyle choice but I assure you it is Strange is it, that I would call supporting Spurs a lifestyle choice but I assure you it…

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For those who choose Twitter as lifestyle choice!

For all its popularity and following, for many people a lifestyle communication choice, Twitter just can’t provide the service or cope with the traffic! THE SITE IS DOWN AGAIN, Twitter really must get its act together quickly.

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Margaret Thatcher, the persuit of Freedom and the reality of real politics!

Post first published 4th May 2009 whilst Labour were still in power. I am republishing this post because it highlights the path David Cameron should be taking, magnifies the thinking of Margaret Thatcher and identifies the problem with socialism, the…

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Spurs a Frustrated Lifestyle!

👿 Well they have done it again, thrown away another 2 points and they say supporting Spurs is a Lifestyle choice! I can’t believe it, if you add up the number of games they should have won but lost through…

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Interest Rates, this is real politics so what have they got to do with it!

The press, government, financial columnists and the Bank of England all seem to be willing us toward an increase in the base rate but why? The press, government, financial columnists and the Bank of England are all dabbling in the…

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Real Politics, Lifestle and Leadership, its all in Hub Pages!

Real politics, lifestyle, leadership and even history, it’s all there in Hub Pages Two articles on Hub Pages, really worth reading, go to: The morality of our involvement in the Slave Trade For our commentary on politics and history on…

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The Sad Passing of Common Sense!

Yes, yes I know this is a sort of round robin spam item and has not appeared in the obituary columns of the ‘Times’ it is also a rehash of a post lost during my recent site outage but it…

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