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NHS. Politics, Lifestyle the Good and the Bad, its the NHS!

NHS, every day we pick up the newspapers and can read about the bad side of the NHS, things that don’t work and there re some areas which are appalling, every day I see evidence and the results of doctor mistakes which have been devastating to both the patient and the family but we must not forget that the NHS is vast and the biggest employer in Europe, the majority of the NHS is actually WORLD CLASS!

If you are in real trouble and need immediate emergency attention, acute/high dependency care, ongoing rehabilitation and cutting edge procedures then yes there is not much to touch the NHS, World Class is an understatement.

Yes, it is time someone wrote something good about a service which is, on the whole, world-class and the envy of the world, for the most part there is nothing to touch it but we do have to learn to treat it with care, we do as a nation over burden the NHS service with trivial issues which should be either dealt with at home or with your GP and these issues waste £millions, we all just need to think before we act.

The newspapers of course are only interested in scandal and poor performance, often that is all you hear about but from personal experience I can tell you we should be very proud of our NHS, yes there are negative and poor performing people, people that don’t care and should not be in the profession but, again, the NHS is the biggest employer in Europe and the vast majority of the staff deserve to be treasured.


The National Health Service, something to be proud of, a real National Treasure, World Class Staff and World Class facilities!

Obviously I haven’t experienced all hospitals but wherever my wife has been Southampton General, Bath Mineral Hospital, Glenside Manor/Wylye/Pembroke and Salisbury General the care has been beyond reproach so let us for once open our eye’s and appreciate the field of diamonds that is our National Health Service, yes there is some work to do but there always will be, we must not be complacent but don’t be afraid to be proud of your National Health Service.

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You know I looked for some good stories about the NHS, couldn’t find any but then the newspapers are only interested in scandal, good stories don’t sell newspapers, sad because we have something potentially very special!

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