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Tottenham Hotspur, its a lifestyle choice!

I suppose you would see it as strange that I would call supporting Spurs a lifestyle choice but I assure you it is

Strange is it, that I would call supporting Spurs a lifestyle choice but I assure you it is, a lifestyle of Hope, Dreams, Frustration, Elation and then disappointment!

We now have the final game on Sunday against Liverpool at Anfield which will decide whether or not we are in European competition next year and win or lose the doom mongers will be out, journalists desperate for a story.

We have actually had a very good season, when you think back to before Harry arrived things were really dire but Harry has done a superb job, after Sir Alex he is the best in the Premiership but the newspapers can’t handle success, they just have to try to destroy it!

This season could have been even better, we should have walked into a Champions League place and the players have only themselves to blame that we didn’t and the player to blame in the main are the forwards Defoe, Crouch, Pav and Keene (up until Jan), they just did not perform and are obviously not good enough for Spurs or the premiership. The papers of course are full of stories about a clear out of players because we did not reach the Champions League but that is rubbish, it would have happened either way and needs to happen, no football club can afford to carry dead wood these days.

So who are the players that could be set to leave, I would predict the following players:

  1. Attack
    Defoe, Pav, Dos Santos, Keane
  2. Midfield
    Jenas, Kranjcar, Palacios, Bentley
  3. Defence
    Hutton, Woodgate, Khumalo
  4. Goalkeeper
    Gomes, Cudicini, Pletikosa

I am probably not 100% correct but none of the above appear to have the quality to take us forward, apart from Woodgate and that’s an injury problem, the fact that I am predicting that up to 14 players may leave is not a hit on Harry, he would probably tick all of these and replace them with 5/6 world-class players, we must go for the premiership next season!

Good luck to the lads at Anfield tomorrow, prediction, 3:1 to Spurs, come on you Spurs!

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