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Spurs, what did we learn from the 5 – 2 defeat to Arsenal

So the dust has settled, it has been nearly a week since the Spurs loss to Arsenal and we have had a deserved draw with Lazio in between but what exactly did we learn from the Arsenal defeat, just how does ABV move this team forward?

For those supporters chanting for Redknapp, they must not forget that Spurs 5 – 2 loss to Arsenal is exactly the same score as last year and last year we were actually leading 2 – 0!

Spurs must take on board that going forward, after his performance against Lazio,  Hugo Lloris must be the No 1 goalkeeper, he will only get better and will fill that position for the next 10 years+, I would also make Verthongen club captain, his performance against Arsenal was awesome, alongside Kaboul he would make up the best defensive partnership in the Premiership, until then play him with Caulker.

In the middle of the park Sandro is irreplaceable for Spurs, wonder where ABV will play Parker, he can only be a stand in for Sandro but with Livermore, Huddlestone and Dembele able to play in that position I wouldn’t be surprised if Parker left for West Ham in January, Dembele is interesting because if they buy a top class creative midfielder in January he will take Dembele’s position, unless of course if Lennon misses out!  

In attack, I like Spurs in a 4 4 2 formation and currently that has to be Adebayor and Defoe up front, if ABV plays 1 up it must be Adebayor, Defoe just does not have the size or presence to play 1 up and even in a 4 4 2 his contribution to the team if he is not scoring is minimal so yes, a to class forward is essential in January.

Finally we need to look at Dempsey and Sigurdsson, Dempsey looks out of his depth and maybe need to return to a lower team and not sure about Sigurdsson but would not be surprised to see them move on in the summer

Come on you Spurs fans, we have West Ham on Sunday and Spurs must win, what do you think, have your say on this article and the West Ham game and yes ABV, I think long-term he will be very good, COMMENT BELOW!

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