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Politics, Racism, Sexism, Ageism and Equality do not = Common Sense!

Politics and the march of racism, sexism, ageism and equality do not mean the advancement of freedoms for the masses, just an increase in power for the minorities who are increasingly running this country with the majority having little influence. the modern politics.

You see I thought it was against the law to have a mens only gym but we have women only gyms, surely it is illegal to have a white trade union or a white footballers association but we have a Society of Black Lawyers and black footballers are talking about a Black Footballers Association but in general politics and politicians are scared of the subject!

I am not against Black or ethnic associations but it must work both ways and very often in politics any legislation against discrimination often discriminates against the discriminators and gives the minority groups precedence over the majority.

Of course once you have say a Black Society of Lawyers they become a pressure group and get involved in politics to justify their existence and in this world where everyone has become far too precious and thin-skinned what in my day would have been called lively banter is now abusive!

Don’t get me wrong, it is totally right to stamp out real racist language but there is a balance between what is really considered racist language and our precious and hard-fought for freedom of speech, no one should use racist language but we have to hold dear our freedom to disagree, challenge and oppose even when that involves religion and yes even when that upsets someone.

No one knows what was really said between Terry and Ferdinand and the authorities are sorting that out but the current stance of the Society of Black Lawyers to ban the Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) supporters Yid army chant and have threatened to report Spurs to the Metropolitan Police is plainly ridiculous and attention seeking, the Spurs supporters chant is described as follows in an article by Tim Black, the relevant extract is below with the full article at the bottom 

What is odd about this threat, of course, is that Spurs fans’ habit of calling themselves ‘the Yid Army’ or ‘Yiddos’ has sweet FA to do with anti-Semitic abuse. Rather it is a self-definition, an affirmation of identity from a club based in a historically Jewish area with a large number of Jewish people among its fans. As spiked regular Frank Furedi put it: ‘It is actually quite an empowering experience to hear the word “Yiddo” shouted by thousands of football fans. This chant can last for 30 to 40 seconds and for a brief moment everyone has a sense of emotional solidarity with their self-consciously chosen identity.

What  this gives you is the current norm of a small pressure group trying to impose their total control of the majority and we have to grasp that, in the name of Racism, Sexism, Ageism and Equality our basic freedoms are being eroded, when we talk about our freedoms being eroded we mean they are being eroded in law and the thing that is missing is common sense, lack of common sense and a precious attitude is destroying this country as we know it.

I know I come from a ‘sticks and stones may hurt you but words never can’ era but when I was at school if I got into trouble I got the cane or slipper and if I told my dad he would give me another slap for miss behaving at school and that was healthy and instilled discipline in later life but now if a child gets into trouble at school the parents will sue the school showing a total lack of support for discipline within the family.

Lack of common sense and a precious attitude are amongst the biggest dangers we face in our society today!

The real meaning of freedom: “Let our children grow tall and yes let some grow taller if they have it in them, with freedom will come equality of opportunity and with that real freedom”Margaret Thatcher

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