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The European Union is not the future of the UK!

I now read in the Daily Express that, even the European Union wants us to leave, as if this should be a surprise but it is obvious, we as a nation are steeped in democracy and the will of the people but believe me there is nothing in the plans of the European Union ruling class which includes democracy, the European Union is not about democracy and Angela Merkel certainly has no plans which include more democracy, the UK would always be a drag on the greater European Union project

It is a fact that the European Union adds nothing to the UK and despite what Merkel say’s the UK would thrive in abundance outside the European Union, if we stay in the UK will shrink in importance and influence.

Although nearly 50% of our trade is with the European Union it is massively in deficit, we are probably both Germany and France’s biggest customer worldwide, the European Union can’t afford to lose us as a trading partner so an agreement giving us access to the single market would not be a problem!

Outside the European Union, with the right government, the UK would be one of the most attractive places to invest worldwide. To grow and develop the UK must leave the European Union and it already has premier access to the largest market and fastest growing market in the world – The Commonwealth!

Let us not forget that India alone is the worlds largest democracy and in economic terms is expected to overtake the United States of America within 15 years, in the main the commonwealth countries work the same as the UK with a common business language of English, the Commonwealth is simply the largest and most exciting trading block in the world and we have premier access to it, the European Union is just holding the UK back!





                    Angela Merkel

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