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European Union, the British Public v Liberal Elite, who will win?

 The European Union debate is certainly hotting up and for the very first time we are talking openly about the UK leaving the European Union, the liberal elite are panicking and Angela Merkel has warned we will be very lonely on the outside!

This debate will be full on into a referendum, maybe even before or at the next general election in 2015, the European Union will throw money at the UK to try to convince us that membership of a Federal Europe is best for Britain!

Don’t get me wrong, the euro-sceptics do not want the European Union or the Euro-Zone to fail, we need the European project to be a major success because they will always be major trading partners but that does not mean we should or need to be members of the European Union, inside a Federal European Union the UK would just be a region, an important region but just a region and the British people’s chance of changing things at the ballot box would be zero

But then if things would be so great outside the European Union why does a very large proportion of a ruling classes want to stay in and further integrate into a federal United States of Europe?

Davids Cameron, has Cameron the courage to sort the European Union

The future for Great Britain’s prosperity is as a global trader with the European Union being one of our biggest trading partners but the Commonwealth would probably be much bigger, the attraction of the European Union is of course the single market but it is also its downfall because the avalanche of beaurocracy and regulation building up within the European Union will only continue apace which will mean that the single market will need ever more protection which means tariffs.

Now is the time to renegotiate our position within the European Union (EU), they can’t afford to lose Great Britain as a trading partner and we only need access to the single market and the normal cooperation that exist between countries, outside of the EU our world influence and prosperity will increase, we will regain control over and be able to repair our fisheries, we have new gas supplies coming on-line for the future and we can lead the world again Technologies, Car production, Medicine, Aero-Technologies, let us build the next Concorde, why not?


But then if things would be so great outside the European Union why does a very large proportion of a ruling classes want to stay in and further integrate into a federal United States of Europe? Let us take a look at our ruling classes

David Cameron
I don’t think anyone knows Cameron’s true position but he has an opportunity to cement his legacy because for the first time for a long time the Conservative Party is bang in tune with the British electorate, can he capitalise on this, one thing he needs to ensure is that the European Union must not be allowed to buy our votes, in any referendum the spending must be equal on both sides! It has to be said his recent performance at the EU budget meeting was very reassuring and long may it be so!

Tony Blair
Yes we all know Tony Blair and his well feathered nest, don’t begrudge him a penny but Tony Blair’s support for the European Union is obviously a selfish support because he sees it as his next job, President of Europe, he always wanted to be President Blair and you would not be able to remove him, without Great Britain being in the EU there is no job!

Ed Miliband and Ed Balls
The left-wing, labour movements are all about the politics of envy, high regulation, high taxes, massive beaurocracy, a closed rich ruling elite and the Unions just love the power they would have within a Federal European Union – exactly what the European Union stands for with the added bonus of corruption!

Nick Clegg
For Nick Clegg read Miliband and Balls, it is also of course his next job, which he will need after the next general election!

As I have already stated the UK desperately needs a Federal Europe to be a success and a full Federal Europe is the only way the European Union can survive unless it just becomes a single market and no more but the prosperity of Great Britain is outside as a Global Trading Nation, we could easily become the investment centre for the world but we have to be brave as an electorate and make sure it happens.

David Cameron has to make sure he doesn’t blow it because if he does not firm up on the EU in line with his party and the public the UKIP influence could cost him 50 seats and the election, the chances of a referendum with a Labour government or Labour/Lib Dem coalition would be zero, they would also introduce proportional representation (PR) which would make getting the Lib Dem’s out impossible, don’t even think about it.

But the views are strong on both sides of the argument so give us your views, agree or disagree your views are very important so please comment below.

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