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Racism, Political Correctness and the Agenda of the Automadoms!

Racism is nasty and should be severely frowned on in our society and in most cases illegal and thankfully the UK is probably the least racist and most tolerant country in the world but that hasn’t stopped the race industry trying to paint things differently because of course they have created this whole new career which only exists if racism exists!

Racism, sometimes you wonder about the things that are described as racist, with some you have to have a vivid imagination and in many cases you would have to be racist to think of them as racist as with the stupid furore over Roy Hodgsons remarks during England training.


Roy Hodgson
England Football Manager

Roy Hodgson’s should never have been made public, everything said behind the closed doors of a dressing room should stay behind closed doors and no offence was taken, in fact the recipient of the joke was Andros Townsend who considered it a compliment.

Although the UK is the least racist and most tolerant country in the world we are developing a culture rife with institutional racism and discrimination against the majority, something not even considered by the academics!

The UK is a Christian country, enshrined in our law and government, yet Christianity seems to get far less protection than any other religion for fear of upsetting the minority religions, if you think about it the only religion you can tell jokes about is Christianity and if you just look at discrimination, we can’t tell jokes about the Scots, Irish or Welsh but we can say what we like about the English.

Racism at all levels must be stamped out and this isn’t helped by legions of children being brought up with precious few manners, respect, social etiquette and with the seeming inability to utter a sentence without the ‘F’ and ‘C’ word and I know I come from a different time when if you swore in front of your parents or in the company of ladies you would be in real trouble, a time when elders and parents were respected as were the police and authority, a time when, as the saying goes ‘sticks and stones may brake my bones but words will never hurt me!’

Now of course we are very precious, almost looking for things which could offend and we have people who have built whole new careers on identifying discrimination even where the words concerned do not offend the recipient and have been part of normal language for many decades, these new careers rely on discrimination for their very existence and the occupiers of these careers rely on discrimination for their livelihood and notoriety.

It is a tough call because, although the subject equality, discrimination etc. has been hijacked the left-wing, politically correct automadoms discrimination is abhorrent, the thing that is missing from this and an awful lot of society is discipline, respect and COMMON-SENSE, for the moment we are seeing a serious threat to our freedoms and freedom of speech which are part of the foundations of any democracy.

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