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Cameron, Osborne and Hammond – Guilty of Contempt and Naivety!

Cameron, Osborne and Hammond stand Guilty of Contempt, Naivety and betrayal in their treatment of our armed forces, savings needed to be made and could be made by the £billions but they have taken the easy route which is just unforgivable vandalism.

Cameron owes it to the Nation to hold a review into decisions taken about the future of our armed forces, leave the Lib Dem’s off the committee but include military men who actually know what they are talking about!


Three Guilty Men  –  Cameron, Osborne and Hammond!


Before we continue I must make it clear that although this is a serious criticism it is not support for Ed Miliband, the coalition have done many good things and would have made much more progress without the Lib Dem interference, heaven help us if we ever get a Miliband/Labour government or a Labour/Lib Dem coalition, it really will be ‘will the last man turn the lights out.’

I don’t actually think that Cameron, Osborne, Hammond & Co are very good at detail or have the vision and people managements skills to manage major projects but their skill set still far exceeds Miliband, Balls and Cleggy, Cameron, Osborne and Hammond are amongst the best we have and are very clever but they lack the life experience and we need to guide them.

Yes, as the title say’s Cameron, Osborne and Hammond  –  Guilty of Contempt and Naivety in their handling of defence planning, one of their primary responsibilities and they continue on their path to disaster, whether this is Lib Dem influence we don’t know but it must stop.

Don’t believe the rubbish about the Cold War being over and there is no need for Trident or to boost our forces because this world is far more dangerous than it was during the Cold War, far more nations have nuclear weapons and many of those nations are more than capable of using them, 0ne country in particular, Pakistan, a full nuclear state could easily fall into the hands of the militants and we need to invest sensibly in our future security.

So, how else can we make the savings required, I am not advocating we don’t make from the military, there are £billions to be saved within the MOD by:

  1. Introducing a strong and professional procurement department, MOD procurement is amateurish and we could save £billions, Labour overspent by £38billion!
  2. At one point we has one backroom person for every 2 front line personnel, this is where the redundancies must come to again save hundreds of millions reducing the ratio to one backroom support to every 5 soldiers would more than halve the backroom support staff.
  3. Stop selling off our crown jewels, selling the Harrier fleet to the Americans for spares was vandalism, they could have served on our new carriers for 10 years and will cost a fortune to replace, we currently have 2/3 much needed carriers under construction and to date, when they are completed, we will have no planes to fly off them!

We are in a very tight situation as a country after the disastrous Labour administration and savings must be made but our coalition government are going for the easy targets and not necessarily the right and most productive targets, if this is because of the Lib Dem’s then it just shows how coalition government does not work and just how undemocratic it is.

David Cameron just has to be decisive and start governing the country in the name of its citizens and not in the name of the Liberal left-wing elite and the Lib Dem lunatics.

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Read this NOW, this man deserves our attention and respect!

Everyone should read this and take notice, especially David Cameron, George Osborne and Philip Hammond!

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