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Salmond’s game is Full Independence protected by the UK!

Salmond is a shrewd operator but do people really understand his game plan, let alone David Cameron, Alex Salmond is playing for the highest stakes of all, full Scottish independence or should we say full control of Scotland, underwritten by full membership of the UK.

Salmond, my dear Alex Salmond, that is called having your cake and eating it, to get full or nearly full control of your country but underwritten by the UK is something only Salmond could pull off and our politicians in the south are daft enough to let him!


Alex Salmond
Scottish First Minister
Leader SNP

Only Alex Salmond could pull this off and keep a straight face, full control of Scotland and Scottish taxes but underwritten by the UK and supported by grants from the UK, another example of Power without proper Accountability, independence without risk and the UK will be the suckers.

It has to be remembered that if Scotland had not been part of the United Kingdom the Royal Bank of Scotland would have bankrupt Scotland contributing to a position far worse than Greece but if Salmond can achieve, as good as, independence but still remain under the UK umbrella he will have achieved the best of both worlds with the UK committed to cleaning up his mess, nice work if you can get it. 

It remains to be seen how the independence vote goes in Scotland next year, I think the result will be to remain within the UK but I also think that is what Alex Salmond wants because then he will go for Independence MAX which the UK will eventually end up paying for if our politicians are daft enough to fall for it.

Devolution is of course a cat, let out of the bag by the last Labour government and you just can’t put it back, it is about time people realized the amount of problems we are now dealing with that are directly attributable to that disastrous administration and Alex Salmond is very much of the Left-Wing.

There is very little to no chance of Scotland being able to survive economically on its own, at least not in a prosperous way and its influence in the world would be zero, even if it could stay within the European Union but it will be interesting to watch magician Salmond weave his web of smoke and mirrors!

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