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Politics, there is Nothing as Queer as Politics!

Politics, there is an old saying that there is ‘Nothing as Queer as Folk’, well I can tell you there is ‘Nothing as Queer as Politics’, no question about that and I do mean queer in the old use of the word meaning funny peculiar!

How is it that within politics political parties who always leave a mess behind when they leave government end up ahead in the polls and a party that leaves a sound ship takes 13 years to get re-elected, think about it!

I was listening to Nick Clegg stand in at Prime Ministers Questions before Christmas and for one of the few time ever I found myself in complete agreement with him, he stated that without the Lib Dem’s this country would not be experiencing the economic recovery currently in process, Nick Clegg is 100% correct, without the Lib Dem’s this country would not be experiencing this economic recovery, it would be experiencing a far stronger and far reaching recovery and in the end it will be their loss.

Nick Clegg
Deputy Prime Minister
Lib Dem Leader

It is a fact that the politics of coalition do not work for good government or for democracy, Proportional Representation (PR) and coalition are just a way to guaranty power for smaller political parties with little or no political mandate, PR and Coalition a certainly about power but not for the majority!

Within this coalition and its vast spread of politics from far left to the majority right-of-centre it is the Conservative Party that has stuck to the coalition agreement and tried to work with their coalition partners, the Lib Dem’s have broken the agreement many times, maintained constant attacks on their partners in government and leaked any discussion they did not like to try and embarrass the Conservatives.

Nick Clegg is 100% correct, without the Lib Dem’s this country would not be experiencing this economic recovery, it would be experiencing a far stronger and far reaching recovery

The Lib Dem’s have been a constant brake on economic recovery with an influence over the coalition which is far greater than their political mandate and they have broken one of the major agreements of the coalition agreement to equalise boundaries and restore fairness and equilibrium to out voting system, this will make it more difficult for the Conservatives to win the 2015 general election.

Labour allowed the voting system to get so skewed that  the Conservative Party will need at least a 6/8 point lead just to get a very small majority whilst the same lead would give Labour 60/100 majority, part of the Tony Blair pledge to make it impossible for the Conservatives to get elected again, what Labour forget is that they need the Conservatives to clear up their inevitable mess!

Ed Miliband
Labour Party Leader

‘Nothing as queer as politics’, isn’t it amazing that a party on losing the 1997 general election and leaving behind: 

  1. a booming economy described by the IMF as the Golden Economy.
  2. a pension system which has massive surpluses and was the envy of Europe, if not the world
  3. national debt starting to be repaid
  4. unemployment falling
  5. the strongest and best regulated banking system in the world
  6. strong armed forces

remain behind in the polls for the next 10+years and only narrowly get back into government by forming a coalition in 2010 with the Lib Dem’s and this after the Labour Party had left behind:

  1. a bankrupt economy with the largest structural debt in Europe
  2. a largely bankrupt banking system which had been rescued by the government and was basically government owned, this was brought about mainly by Labour taking away from the Bank of England the responsibility for banking regulation and bringing in a very light touch approach which meant very little or no bank regulation.
  3. a bankrupt pensions system which was not fit for purpose anymore and the gradual disappearance of final salary pensions
  4. a £83billion whole in the defence budget
  5. £billions wasted on education with UK education ranked one of the lowest in the world and don’t forget the £billions spent on unaffordable PFI schemes
  6. £billions wasted on the NHS for little other than superficial improvement, £billions spent on management and unaffordable PFI schemes which have put a number of NHS Trusts close to bankrupsy!
  7. the surveillance society, we now have more camera’s watching our every move than any other country in the world.
  8. they took us to 5 wars, at least one was illegal and this involved probably lying to parliament .
  9. totally uncontrolled immigration in a cynical attempt to turn the UK into a left wing country
  10. a tripling of the cost of government by pushing through devolution which has fed the hunger for an independent Scotland and a break up of the union and in reality I don’t think devolution has achieved anything good but it has certainly multiplied the cost of government.
  11. Tony Blair pushed us further and further into the European Union giving away £2 billion in rebate but we can be grateful that Gordon Brown stopped Blair pushing us into the Euro.
  12. add to this that the last Labour government was without question the sleaziest government this country has ever had showing a total contempt for parliament and the electorate!

It is amazing that even after leaving behind this amazing mess created by people totally out of their depth that apart from the first year of the coalition the Labour Party have been ahead in the polls and even though the Conservative coalition has taken the economy from bankruptcy to being the fastest growing economy in the developed world, Labour are still ahead in the polls.

Economists are now saying that the British economy will have outstripped both the French and German economies within the next 20 years, that is an amazing feat for such a small country but there is one thing for certain, mark my word, there is no chance of this being achieved, any of it, if we have a Labour or a Labour/Lib Dem government.

This country will become a world powerhouse and leader of innovation and invention again with the right government or it could be a small, rather poor left-wing enclave of the European Union with a Labour or Labour/Lib Dem government but the choice is yours, think about it!

Politics is a rum game, interesting to some, boring to others but is about things that do and will effect your life so have your say by COMMENTING BELOW and if you found this article interesting please LIKE the ‘Its just life!’ FACEBOOK page.

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