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Clegg apparantly makes a BOLD statement on Europe, it is…!

Nick Clegg has made a bold statement on the European Union (EU), or so the papers say but this is Clegg’s only card and it is another one of his policies which are key to the Lib Dem’s but has no public support.

So, Clegg says that if we have a NO vote (vote to leave) in the EU referendum businesses will desert the UK, we will lose 3,000 jobs and the recovery will be halted, these are the same people who forced this country into the ERM, said that we would become a backwater if we did not join the Euro and insist we must obey the European Court of Human Rights, well then!


First it is not a bold statement, it is the only statement Clegg can make because Nick Clegg and the Lib Dem’s European Union (EU) focused, without the EU there is very little point in the Lib Dem’s and without the EU Nick Clegg will lose his retirement package as a future EU Commissioner, the retirement home for failed politicians.

Nick Clegg also needs to campaign hard for the forth coming European Parliamentary (EP) elections in May this year, it is the only election where he is likely to get any representation because the election is held under the undemocratic Proportional Representation (PR) list system and he is effectively launching his campaign early but let us look at the warnings he made:

Nick Clegg
Deputy Prime Minister and Lib Dem Leader


  1. business people will desert the UK if we get a negative result in the EP elections and the 2017 referendum
    The British economy is the fastest growing in the developed world and forecast to overtake Germany and France, businesses will not walk away from that success and being out of the EU we will be able to make the UK simply the best place in the world to invest but is needs a Right-of-Centre government to understand this, I agree it will not happen if either Labour or the Lib Dem’s get near power!
  2. we will lose 3,000 jobs through our trade with the EU.
    Of course we won’t, we are in the pound seats because our trade with the EU is at a deficit in the £billions and we are the biggest trading partner for both Germany and France worldwide, they cannot afford to lose the UK as a trading partner and the Treaty of Rome gives us the right if we leave to negotiate access to the single market.
  3. we would lose influence in the world.
    We will lose major influence in the world if we stay in because the major influence for Europe will be the EU, we are just one of 27+, a Yorkshire (County) of the EU but if/when we leave we will retain our weight in the world as the UK and have the chance to expand our influence worldwide as one of the biggest trading nations in the world, we need to leave the EU to retain our influence in the world.
  4. the current recovery will falter unless we are anchored in the EU
    Rubbish, economists looking at this have agreed that if we were to leave the EU it would have a short term negative effect but that in the long term the effect would be positive and I believe the forecast that the UK economy will outstrip Germany and France will happen sooner if the UK leaves the EU, the worst possible scenario would be that we stay in the UK and get a Labour government, the results would probably be impossible to recover from! 

Remember that the people spreading doom and destruction if we leave the EU are the very same group of people who lied to us about what we were joining in the first place, lied to the British people to get a yes vote at the last referendum when most people thought we were just members of a Common Market, forced the issue for us to join the ERM, said we would be cut adrift in the world if we didn’t join the Euro and continually support more and more powers being passed to Brussels!

The British people, for probably the first time, have an opportunity to fundamentally effect the way this country is governed for the next 100 years and this will happen with the European Parliament elections in May and the general election in 2o15.

The latest opinion polls show 70% of British people moving against our membership of the European Union and growing so the European Parliament elections this May give an ideal opportunity to establish that fact in the minds of our politicians without damaging the mix at Westminster, the vote at the European Parliament elections has to be for UKIP, a virtual clean sweep for UKIP would send a powerful and unavoidable message to our politicians that the British people no longer want to be members of anything other than a Free Trading Area.

A vote for UKIP would also put a very powerful political force into the European Parliament purely looking after British interests, UKIP won’t win all the seats because some areas are so entrenched they just vote with historic ties but it needs to be a landslide and David Cameron needs to react to a landslide by starting negotiations immediately and bringing the referendum forward to 2016. This will mean he can include his vision of a successful negotiation in the Conservative manifesto for the 2015 general election and the 2016 referendum will be a final public vote on the result of those negotiations.

For the 2015 general election, to develop the British economy in the right direction and to guaranty the EU Referendum, the vote must be for the Conservative Party because it is the only party with proven competence on the economy and the only certainty of a referendum, it is also the only political party which will take any heed of public opinion, it must also be accepted that a vote for UKIP at the 2015 general election, deserved as it might be, will push the election into the hands of Labour or a Labour/Lib Dem coalition and disaster for our country.

It will be YOUR choice but the facts point to a UKIP vote in the European Parliament elections in May and a vote for the Conservative Party in the 2015 general election to get this country motoring again and don’t forget which party has got it motoring so far, I heard the other day that the fastest growing car company in Germany is JAGUAR, yes I know it is owned by Tata but is is British designed and British built in British factories employing British workers!

A HOT TOPIC, the biggest most important two elections for generations which will have a profound effect on the future of our country and our families, to stay in the EU as it is constituted today will be to accept the inevitable United States of Europe and the UK will become a simple region of the EU or we can set our dreams, aspirations, inventiveness, innovation and our country free by leaving the failing monolith, the choice is, as I said, YOURS.

Let us have your views on these fundamental votes on the future of our country, this is a really serious subject so air your views by COMMENTING BELOW and if you found this article interesting please LIKE the ‘Its just life’ FACEBOOK page. 

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