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Politics, the European Union and the out of touch Ken Clarke!

Politics and the debate in Parliament was the Maastricht Treaty, back in John Major’s days, Ken Clarke was questioned about his unequivocable support and he just simply answered “I haven’t actually read it”, Ken Clarke just blindly supports anything the EU puts forward and has presided over substantial damage to the UK, not least by ousting Margaret Thatcher, a genuine giant in world politics, on the altar of the European Union!

Lets get it clear, by calling MP’s who want an IN/OUT referendum on the EU Right-Wing Nationalists, Ken Clarke completely out of step with the majority of Conservative MP’s and 65%+ of the country, he is worried because the vote will be for withdrawal.

I do agree with Ken Clarke that now may be a wrong time but it must be in the next in the next Conservative manifesto and the Conservative Party need to announce it now promising to allow fair campaigning on both sides without a flood of EU money poisoning our democracy, we must also ensure that all teaching about the EU in our schools is on an unbiased basis so that students understand the enormous cost of the EU to this country. Further Reading

European Union politics never has been about democracy, even the EU parliament is elected by the discredited Proportional Representation List System and if countries do have EU referendums the EU ensures everyone keeps voting until they vote the right way, so one fact about the European Union is that it is not about democracy nor is it democratic!

It is though a comfortable haven for politicians offering politics without accountability and a meddling beaurocracy which interferes in every part of our lives and will eventually cripple our competitiveness, we will become a very expensive place to do business.

So what would happen if we left the European Union?

Pro-Europeans such as Clark talk about the massive loss of jobs and trade but our trade with the European Union is massively in the red, we are the biggest export markets for Germany and France and they can’t afford to lose us so we would probably negotiate a lucrative trade agreement but then the next step would be to make the European Union one of our smaller trading partners by a massive explosion in our trade with the rest of the world.

We would save

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