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SPURS, they nearly had it but have thrown the chance away!

Just been watching the Champions League Final, Spurs of course needed Bayern Munich to win to keep a grip on their Champions League place next season but when you have had it sown up and thrown it away the tide just keeps running away from you!

At the turn of the year Spurs were in 3rd place with a ten point cushion, seemingly unassailable but Harry Redknapp’s tax case and then immediately afterwards the farce over the England job, which he was never actually going to get, diverted player focus!

To a large extent Spurs disastrous end of season form was the fault of Redknapp virtually saying he would take the England job and was just waiting for the call, he could have killed it dead, without spoiling his chances, by saying “I am not interested as I have a contract with Spurs and in any case no one has approached me so it is irrevelent”. Further reading

If they had really wanted to give Harry the job then they would have still approached him at the appropriate time, Roy Hodgson played a straight bat perfectly and came completely out of the blue but now Harry has to keep his mouth shut because his mouth is a big loose cannon and concentrate on rebuilding Spurs, Redknapp has to trust the Chairman and see what money there is to play with because loss of a Champions League place wil cosst Spurs in excess of

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