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Politics and Miliband questions Camerons Judgement!

Politics has a bad name at the moment, everyone thinks politicians are just in it for themselves and the Prime Ministers political judgement has once again been called into question, the trouble is that David Cameron has a track record!

Now Ed Miliband is calling David Cameron’s judgement into question over Jeremy Hunt’s appointment to oversee the BskyB bid by Newscorp, in politics it is not only about appointing the man best qualified for the position but finding someone who fits the politics!

Once again we are talking about David Cameron’s political judgement, better called his political antennae, something that is essential in politics and something Cameron just does not have, I am sure Andy Coulson was a superb Press Secretary and the best qualified for the job but obvious to everyone, except Cameron, he was too dangerous to go anywhere near Downing Street, Peter Cruddas was another case in point, very loyal servant but just too careless.

Then we come to Jeremy Hunt once tipped as a potential Conservative Leader but quite obviously too naive for that job or a sensitive responsibility such as the Newscorp BskyB bid, I am sure Jeremy Hunt has actually handled the BskyB bid with total integrity but his past history of open support for the BskyB bid meant just as it had to be taken out of the jurisdiction of Vince Cable Cameron’s political antennae should have told him to steer away from Jeremy Hunt.

I now see that Baroness Warsi has admitted she did not declare income from a rented property, after the aftermath of the expenses scandal this is gross negligence, I don’t for one minute think that Baroness Warsi was deliberately trying to hide anything but in politics and the current climate everyone in a position of power has to be doubly vigilant, MP’s in all parties still don’t appear to have got it but from Cameron’s corner I can ensure him that come 2015 the Labour Party will have made a major attempt to pin the entire expenses scandal on the Conservative Party!

Cameron must wake up to the fact that, if he is not careful, Labour will win the next election but they won’t win it with policies and ideas, they will win it by covering the coalition and in particular the Conservative Party with sleaze and incompetence, even though that impression is entirely false if the lie is big enough and you tell it often enough the public will believe you.

Labour did it in 1997 when the Conservative Party left behind a golden economy, fully funded pension, a tightly regulated banking system with national debt and unemployment falling but labour portrayed the Conservative government as being sleazy, the economy as weak and public finances as in a mess, they told the lie often and people believed them, Labour then proceeded to bankrupt the country because believe me if Labour get in power they will take us the same route as Greece!

David Cameron said recently that his Ministers must up their game, he should take note of his own advice!

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Ed Miliband questions David Cameron’s judgement over Jeremy Hunt

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