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Politics and the apparent Tory ardour for Tony Blair

Politics inhabits a funny old world, according to The Economist magazine as reported in the Mail on Sunday, the politicians now at the summit of the Conservative Party have expressed an ardour for Tony Blair and when speaking about Tony Blair they call him ‘the master’, ‘the great man’ even our real leader, apparently George Osborne is the biggest fan of all!

It is amazing in this world of politics how seemingly intelligent and clever people can be so mesmerized by failure, Tony Blair was without question one of our worst ever Prime Ministers, successful only at using smoke and mirrors to win elections!


David Cameron

Politics, Tony Blair, isn’t funny how the Civil Service is refusing to release key information to the Chilcot Inquiry into Tony Blair’s war on Iraq, I wonder if that had the full backing of David Cameron and George Osborne, can’t see it happening without their full authority and the information would likely destroy Blair, strange because every single scrap of paper was made public for the Leveson Inquiry into the press, no matter how embarrassing!

Now it is on record that Cameron considers himself to be the successor to Blair and it has always baffled me how he could use a failed Labour leader as his role model, once again raising a question about his suitability  for the job as leader of the Conservative Party but of course we don’t know if it is true, it is almost impossible to believe.

Following the Blair style will, in the end destroy the Conservative Party and if, I would guess, Cameron, Osborne, Maude, Clarke etc. really do want to be like Blair I suggest that they join Blair in the Labour Party because the Conservative Party is not about failure, Cameron should follow the advice of Nigel Lawson and learn from a really great Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, he has a lot to learn.

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