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Politics of Human Rights, this can’t be the future?•Its just life!

David Cameron just has to get his politics right, he was elected with the most votes and seat, 51 seats more than Labour and 248 seats more than the Lib Dem’s, the policies that got him elected were based around the EU, Human Rights etc. but you have to question David Cameron’s committment to those policies which are supported by the vast majority of the British public!

Politics is about power and the ability to enact the policies for which the Conservative Party was elected but are we still governing on behalf of the people or in spite of the people, as it was in the Blair/brown years?

The politics surrounding the Human Rights Act is not about democracy, it is about a religion which everyone is expected to follow, it is about power and it is about greed, it is Cherie Blair through Tony who lumbered the UK with this anti-democratic monstrosity which is changing our very nature of our society and for the worst!

 When the Conservatives formed the coalition government with the Lib Dem’s David Cameron had to make some compromises and one was on Human Rights because the Lib Dem’s do not want to scrap the Human Rights Act, they want to strengthen it, it has to be remembered that the Lib Dem’s have hardly a single genuine policy which has public support, they really do believe in government in spite of the people.

During the politics and negotiation of the coalition agreement David Cameron  put together a team to look at his Human Rights proposals but it was stuffed with Lib Dem’s and supported by Ken Clark so it really stood no chance of sensibly addressing the Human Rights issue and now, a few weeks ago, some draft proposals slipped out. One proposal in particular suggested that unemployed people would have the right to a comfortable standard of living and could sue the state if it wasn’t provided, now we all know the chance of a proposal like that making it through the process is non-existent but the very fact that the committee is discussing it is worrying.

David Cameron need to reconnect with his electorate by sacking this committee and reconstituting it with, say, David Davis as chairman and limiting Lib Dem participation in the committee to 15% which equates to their electoral mandate and simply start again!

Come to think of it, would be a good idea to limit the Lib Dem influence throughout government to their 15% electoral mandate, we may then get the country moving!

Finally it must be remembered that the UK is not a haven of Human Rights abuses, we have a record on Human Rights that stands against any country in the world, bar none, in the context of the ‘morality of the day’ Great Britain is a world leader on the Human Rights issue, even in the days of slave trading Britain was the world leader on Human Rights and long may it be so but the whole Human Rights brigade which has grown up since 1997 is about power and meddling in things which are really none of their business. Human Rights laws for the UK must be made in the UK and enforced by the UK, the European Court of Human Rights seems to think it has authority over national parliament and it is about time we told them NO!

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