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Politics and the Labour Party Conference

 A week is a long time in politics and I have been away from my desk for well over a week so we have some catching up to do, this post will deal very quickly with the Labour Party Conference and then we will move on to the Conservative Party Conference.

The mirage of politics, a whole speech, apparently hailed by business but with little or no content or depth, designed to convince the voter that Labour is the new ONE NATION Party of the middle ground and then a major lurch to the left after the speech, the Labour politics con machine is still working!

Ed Miliband – Labour Party Leader

The Labour Party, of course, want to portray themselves and talk about themselves as middle ground of politics, as do the Lib Dem’s but neither party is anywhere near the true middle ground of British politics, they are far left parties who endlessly surprise at the support they receive because the British electorate is mainly  to the right of centre in British politics.

Both the Labour Party and the Lib Dem’s move the centre ground of politics to suit their own means, as for One Nation, the One Nation branch of politics was founded by Disraeli and re-energised by Iain Macleod and Enoch Powell in the 60’s and Miliband is light years away from their political league, neither is Miliband anything resembling One Nation, in politics Ed Miliband stands for high spending, high taxation, high immigration, full integration with the EU, increased Union control, the politics of envy, greed and the suppression of success, a party of beaurocracy and waste! 

 Then we had Ed Ball’s refusing to except that the economic crisis was his parties fault, now I do accept that it is a world-wide recession and the banking crisis was world wide but the Labour Party carries direct responsibility for the collapse of our banks because they effectively dismantled effective regulation, enjoying the fruits of an apparently booming banking sector but without effective regulation it was all based on quicksand.

Add to that the PPI contracts which could bankrupt some NHS Trusts, the costs to Industry of silly and dangerous equality laws, the endless beaurocracy, £billions wasted on education to achieve a decline in standards, £ billions wasted on the NHS to achieve only minor increases in waiting times and a legacy of decline, Labour also destroyed the golden economy they inherited, destroyed the private pensions system which was fully funded and in surplus whilst inflating public pensions beyond affordability.

Add to all this the endless political correctness, the politicizing of the Police and Civil Service, 5 wars, the list is endless so YES Ed Balls Labour do bear the responsibility for nearly destroying this country as they do every time they have been in power and they obviously have learned NOTHING. 

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