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European Union = the end of Democracy, fight back starts NOW!

As the European Union (EU) political elite continue using the Euro-Zone crisis to move the European Union ever closer to full integration and monetary union the UK relation ship with the EU has to change and made irreversible!

The danger posed by full European Union integration is the loss of true democracy and the sham which will take its place, the EU is already one of the least democratic institutions worldwide and the challenge is to build the UK a permanent future outside the European Union.

David Cameron

This is already happening with an 18% drop in exports to the EU and an increase in exports of 28% to non EU countries, the real opportunity is that the Commonwealth, which is our natural market, is now bigger than the European Union free trade area! 

The danger for the European Union is that when countries abandon true democracy it always ends in turmoil and inequality, as soon as the citizens realise then the game is over but the EU monolith will be impossible to unravel which is why the UK must leave as soon as is practical and that has to be made irreversible by future governments.

One thing David Cameron must do is ensure a Conservative majority at the next general election, he can do that easily but he doesn’t seem to have cottoned on yet, if he fails the future of this country is in peril and it will be his fault because real victory is in his grasp if only he can realize it and be brave enough to accept the challenge!



Simple actions are all that is needed to ensure a Conservative majority at the next general election such as:

  1. Set a date for an IN/OUT referendum on the European Union, a fixed date say 3/6 months after the next general election
  2. Set out a fixed timetable for a UK Bill of Rights to replace our membership of the European Court of Human Rights
  3. Immediately opt out of everything we can which is associate with the European Union, I think there are over 100 laws we can opt out of immediately
  4. Hold the Lib Dem’s to their support for boundary changes, difficult but they have to be told, they can’t just pick and choose which part of the coalition agreement they want to support!
  5. Get some real stimulation into the housing market via a drastic relaxation of stamp duty
  6. Increase the exemptions on National Insurance to smaller companies, this is an innocuous tax on employment
  7. reduce the top rate of taxation to 40% but be draconian in ensuring tax payers pay every they are due to pay and any schemes that are outside the spirit of the law must be closed with immediate effect
  8. Announce that the merging of UK defence company BAE with European companies will be stopped to preserve our defence options and exports
  9. Drastically increase defence spending, stopping the redundancies in ground strength and only allowing redundancies at admin level, get the carriers built and planes ordered to operate from them because this defence debacle will come back to bite us.
  10. Order Trident, forget the Lib Dem’s
  11. A lot of this will be self funding but the remainder can be largely funded by cutting the aid budget by 50%
  12. Do a deal with UKIP and other anti-European Union parties to not put up candidates in Conservative seats and Conservative marginal’s

Certainly if David Cameron is not decisive on Europe the Labour Party will steal his thunder, although I don’t believe that in the end they will offer an IN/OUT referendum because the Unions won’t let them, Cameron has to spell it out continuously that

  1. A vote for the Lib Dem’s is a vote for total European Union integration, unfettered immigration, high taxes, high spending and the left-wing politics of envy
  2. A vote for Labour is exactly the same, the Unions dream about the power of the Unions in the EU which a fast making their economies uncompetitive and the politics of envy are part of the gene makeup of Labour, remember, without exception, every Labour government has left this country in a mess!
  3. A vote for UKIP or similar party in a Conservative seat or Conservative marginal could let in Labour or Labour/Lib Dem coalition by default

David Cameron has been warned, in fact the people of this country have been warned, the future of our country is in your hands, handle it with care!

Please, let me know your views, different opinion then start the debate by commenting below but it is vital everyone understands the challenges and have their say.

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