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Politics, Lib Dem Conference, a lesson in Hypocricy!

Politics and at last we have said goodbye to this years Lib Dem Party Conference, a real lesson in hypocrisy, arrogance and deceit but hopefully the electorate will see through it!

Anyone would think that the Lib Dem’s were the government instead of a poorly supported supporting cast, apparently nothing happens in government or politics without Lib Dem approval and they will stop anything they don’t like!

So, thankfully we can kiss goodbye to the shoddy politics of the Lib Dem conference, not as nasty as previous years but still a lesson in hypocrisy, it appears the Lib Dem’s have taken credit for all the Coalition successes and without the Lib Dem’s this government would be a total failure, the politics of smoke and mirrors, that is Lib Dem politics!

Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg stated that they were no longer the third-party but one of the big three, we will see after the 2015 general election but Clegg is obviously pinning his hopes on another hung parliament so that the Lib Dem’s can join with Labour and force through a Proportional Representation (PR) voting system for both the Commons and House of Lords. No bother that the voters have roundly rejected PR because, as it is in the EU, Clegg is not interested in democracy just the look of democracy within our politics.

The Lib Dem’s are just as incompetent as Labour on the economy, it is just hidden with smoke and mirrors, the biggest drain on our economic recovery is the Lib Dem Party!

Clegg said during his speech that in a democracy politicians take their orders from the electorate but that is a total fallacy dressed up as democracy because with his dream of permanent coalition the electorate do not get a say which is what we will get if he gets PR. Nick Clegg went on to say that the prize was a fair, free and open society but again, as with the European Union, it will be a mirage because in his world you can’t allow democracy to interfere with the government and politics of the country.

In reality the Lib Dem’s are a perfect example of why a coalition is undemocratic because all the power lies with the minority party with little or no electoral support and as for the Lib Dem claim that they sacrificed the party for the sake of the nation, the only party that did that was the Conservative Party because it would have been better to have allowed the Lib Dem’s to side with Labour which would have collapsed after 6 months with the Conservatives winning a landslide but Cameron went into coalition with the Lib Dem’s truly for the sake of the nation.


Voter must remember that if they vote for the Lib Dem’s or Labour they will get the politics of the far left and

  1. Unfettered immigration
  2. Total integration into the European Union
    Yes this applies to Labour, the Unions will never allow the Labour Party to hold an IN or OUT referendum because they like the power the European Unions have and want the same over here.
  3. Total adherence to the European Court of Human Rights
  4. Ever greater beaurocracy and red tape
  5. The green agenda which everyone will pay for at enormous cost
  6. High taxes
  7. High spending
  8. Education aimed at the lowest common denominator not allowing pupils to reach for the sky’s
  9. The supporting of every minority agenda in preference to the majority
  10. etc.

You will get the friendly front end of democracy hiding the ruling elite, less freedom, no influence through the voting system and as you can see, none of the policies they will follow has any public support but that is not what they are interested in, just permanent power without responsibility, for the sake of your country do not be taken in!

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