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Politics and it is a week since the Tory Party Conference

The dust has now settled week has passed and the buz of politics during the conference season has now subsided with the Conservative Conference closing the season but have we learned anything about the future political landscape?

Within politics, will the Lib Dem’s continue to have as much influence, is the Conservative attitude towards the European Union really hardening, are we really in a recession or have we just talked ourselves into a recessional mindset?

This is a little after the event, been out of the circle for a short while so just catching up but sometimes it is good to let the dust settle a bit before commenting, I think every one of whatever persuasion must though admit that the Conservative Party Conference was the most professional by some margin and did address the relevant issues within politics today.

David Cameron – Prime Minister

They had of course to throw off the usual baggage of the other 2 party conferences but that is just politics, we had the usual attacks, back stabbing and politics of envy from our Lib Dem partners and then, well, we are told that Labour is the new ONE NATION PARTY, minutes before they made their olympic dive to the deep left!
Cameron, Osborne & co put forward some home truths and some pretty exciting ideas but, apart from Michael Gove, they seemed to be holding back from the ultimate conclusion and the one standout policy, as an example, is the European Union.

Leaving the European Union has probably 65% support nationwide but the Prime Minister and his party are sticking to renegotiation, it won’t happen, the German’s and the French or any of the central core will not allow the UK to opt out of all the parts we don’t like whilst still retaining our influence within the European Union (EU), that is not how politics within the EU works and add to that the fact that David Cameron is a lousy negotiator!


We need to be much braver but now to bring things up to date, a really worrying aspect of David Cameron is his judgement and the judgement of his team, they really do leave the door wide open to accusations of incompetence which, unless he is very careful will stick, in fact it is the only real policy the Labour Party, Lib Dem’s and the Left Wing press have for the next election and that is to tar the Conservative Party with sleaze and incompetence, that was how Labour won the 1997 election and I am not sure to this day that the Conservative Party really understand this, they are though providing all the evidence for the Labour Party!

I really do fear for this country because if we just go down the EU renegotiation route it leaves the door open for a future Labour or Labour/Lib Dem administration reverse that decision and bind us  once again to the undemocratic monolith that is the EU. The other fear is that the left-wing parties are successful in smearing the Conservative Party and that leads to a Labour or Labour/Lib Dem government because that would be disaster and set the UK back to the dark ages, they will try to sell the electorate on equality and fairness but believe me there is no equality and fairness in left-wing politics just envy, jealousy, spite, greed, bankruptcy and the destruction of our history and institutions.

Our only hope is a solid Conservative majority at the next election but Cameron could throw it away, I am not sure he understands or recognises the dangers or the very achievable way forward, he could be a hero after the next general election or he could just be giving conservative voters no party to vote for and if he does that he will lose many or most marginal’s just on the EU issue alone. 

Another conundrum which has been gaining ground is are we really in a recession or are we being talked into a recession by the Labour Party, whilst I appreciate that Cameron has to keep the pressure on, if we are in recession this is the first ever recession where we are creating record numbers of jobs, record numbers of people are in work and record numbers of businesses are being created, I feel we are just starting to ride the wave, let us hope Labour and the Lib Dem’s don’t push us off!

There were signs at the conference that Cameron was beginning to stir, small signs and a judgement on his conference speech, MAYBE, JUST MAYBE!

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