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European Union, YES it is that speech and not before time!

It is Friday tomorrow and at last it looks like we are going to get the long-awaited Cameron Speech on the UK’s future position, in or out of the European Union and the rumour is that he will introduce draft legislation for a referendum before the next general election in 2015.

European Union and David Cameron, let us hope he doesn’t bottle out because the British people need to have their voices heard and get us out of this undemocratic, corrupt and over bureaucratic institution.

european unionLooking at all the reporting of this European Union speech, particularly by the BBC, it is being trailed that Cameron is only doing this to satisfy his hard right backbenchers which is total bullshit, for the first time since the Thatcher era the major part of the Conservative Party in parliament is in tune with the overwhelming majority of the British people on a whole range of policies.

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See STOP PRESS at the bottom of the page, David Cameron’s full speech

In fact, along with UKIP it is the only party properly representing the views of the British people, the Labour Party and Lib Dem’s are just treating the British people with contempt but then it is only the Conservative Party which truly represents democracy in this country, although that is badly diluted by the Lib Dem influence in the coalition.

But the British people have to realize that, if they are given the chance to vote in a referendum, they must take it, there is no half way house with the European Union, it is really either come out or engage fully in the European Union which will lead to the UK just becoming a region of the European Union and a full integrated United States of Europe.

To opt for a half way house will just leave it open for another government to slide us back into the heart of the European Union without consulting the people, as before and I am not sure Cameron can claw back anything meaningful anyway.

So listen to the speech and if he is giving the British people a say on whether or not we stay in the European Union just make sure that vote is not wasted and remember that at the 2015 general election, the only way you will get a say on the European Union is to vote Conservative, to vote Labour or Lib Dem is a vote for total integration into the European Union, in other words the United States of Europe and a vote for UKIP will likely let in Labour.

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Finally we have had the speech an it will be a very interesting PMQ’s, I think the speech carried the right balance and Cameron has no alternative now but to follow through, 2 points, he say’s that even if we pull out completely decisions made in Europe will have a profound effect on our country, that is only the case if we do a half way house which will not work, if we leave completely European Union law will have the same effect on the UK as American law and obviously whilst operating within the European Union we will have to abide by European Union law just as if we are operation in America we abide by American law!

Second, we will be told about the disastrous effect on the British economy of leaving the European Union which is total rubbish, in trade negotiations we will have the whip hand as the European Union simply cannot afford to lose the UK’s trade, we are Germany’s biggest trading partner worldwide, same applies to France and our trade with the European Union is in a massive deficit, probably well over £500bn over a 10 year period which means we have bought £500bn more good from the European Union than they have bought from us so we are massive trading partners with a major imput to all their economies.

The UK economy will be a lot stronger and much more competitive outside the European Union, we have nothing to fear and many exciting challenges! 

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