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European Union, we will get our vote – maybe!

 Well, there we have it, Cameron’s speech will be next week and the rumour has it that we will be promised a referendum with an option to leave the European Union, he needs to set it in stone, pity he can’t legislate for the referendum now but Lib Dem’s would not play ball, 2018 is a long way away though!

European Union referendum, how the press and media are playing this story, none are really dealing with the facts, just stories of party splits and hard-line Tory backbenchers when what is happening is really just democracy no matter how uncomfortable that is for Clegg!

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european union
David Cameron

Of course, splits and revolts sell newspapers but it is a poor reflection on what is really happening and long overdue, what we are witnessing is a real dose of democracy, blaming the Conservative backbenchers for forcing the European Union issue, calling them hardline right-wing old style nasty Conservatives is a travesty because these backbenchers are actually doing exactly what they were elected to do, represent the British people and their views mirror 70%+ of the UK electorate.

It has been a long time coming but at long last, and for the first time in 2 decades, we are seeing the Conservative MP’s holding the executive to account, for the first time since the Thatcher era the rump of the Conservative Party are in tune with the UK electorate and representing the electorate in spite of Labour and the Lib Dem’s.

Then the media portrays this as Britain’s fight to retain world influence, we won’t lose influence if we leave, it will probably increase but we will lose all influence if we stay within the European Union because the influence around the world will be of the European Union of which we will just be a region, one if 27+!

What the European Union is, is a bureaucratic, corrupt and undemocratic organisation that spends money as if there was never any financial crisis, has never had its accounts signed off by the auditors, takes no account of voter opinion and is the opposite of any position ever held by the British public. We were lied to by our politicians when we entered the European Union, we were lied to at the 70s referendum and certain politicians are trying to frighten us now but we have nothing to be afraid of, we will prosper outside the European Union.

This is probably the most important debate for 50 years, have your say and comment below, don’t forget to go to Further reading, stay informed.

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