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Politics and it is George Osborne taking the hits

It is politics and George Osborne is getting stick because of bad growth figures and doomsayer economists predicting a triple dip recession, it must be remembered though that practically all these so-called economists are left-wing and supporting Labour whose worst nightmare is a successful economy under the Conservative Government.

I hear you say that it is not a Conservative government but a Conservative/Lib Dem coalition but no this is politics, the Lib Dem’s are an opposition who happen to be in partnership with the Conservatives but it really is like being in bed with your worst enemy, the enemy within, Lib Dem’s just can’t be trusted!


George Osborne
Chancellor of the Exchequer

Back in 2010 when the coalition first took office the world was a different place, yes we still had the deficit and the financial crisis but no one even went anywhere near predicting the Euro-Zone problems, which is where just under 50% of our exports go, and has had a detrimental effect on economies around the world and the game of politics has changed.

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Taking that into account it is no wonder that the UK economy is struggling although it is about on par with economies such as Germany and France, so was George Osborne right in his drive for austerity to cut the deficit, is he right to stick to it, does he need to now change course, politics is a ruthless business and getting that decision wrong will be suicide.
George Osborne was correct and very brave when he set out his stall after the 2010 election and his stance has been essential in maintaining, so far, our ‘AAA’ credit rating which in turn affects our ability to borrow at very low rates. His achievement has been even more creditable because he has had to mix what is essential for the stabilisation and recovery of the economy with the ever-increasing demands of the Lib Dem’s for wealth taxes, massive amounts wasted on green policies, enormous foreign aid spending and their obsession with everything which is European Union and the politics of envy! It is a fact that two of the biggest brakes on the UK economy are the Lib Dem’s and the European Union with its overbearing bureaucracy and interference.

I agree with a lot of the commentators in that, now the Euro-Zone has stabilised somewhat, it is time to stimulate the economy more and we need to start with a massive spend on capital projects but that has to be, very quickly, followed by major tax cuts at all levels of society, including VAT, we must make the UK THE most exciting place to invest worldwide, we must recapture our old markets outside the European Union(EU) directly, not via the EU and we must rekindle the British capacity for invention and innovation.

Can we afford all this, of course we can, provided we continue to drive waste out of the system and there are so many areas still to tackle, all of the above is virtually, if you understand the dynamics of the tax system, self funding, the dynamic performance of the UK will transform our position in the world as will eventually shaking off the shackles of the European Union.

We can build the successor to Concorde, regain our lead in computing, health, aerospace and we can set an example to the rest of the world but we need the vision and you won’t find that amongst the Labour Party, Lib Dem’s and left-wing commentators, I only hope the newly stirring Conservative Party can follow through on their initial promise, politics is always interesting.

Within politics though there is always a but and the but is the Lib Dem’s, will the Lib Dem’s try to scupper all of this, they are trying every day to destroy everything which is British, our institutions, laws, history, society but Cameron must be brave and not allow this to happen and if something is blocked it must be announced that it will be included  in the 2015 manifesto, the electorate must understand and be excited by the vision of the Conservative Party for our country and if they achieve that they will get a majority in 2015

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