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Enoch Powell, the greatest Prime Minister we never had!

Well then, let us say it, Enoch Powell was “right” on Immigration, Europe and a whole host of other issues, without question the greatest Prime Minister we never had!

At his height Enoch Powell was one of a vanishing breed of politician, a man of principle, a man who was prepared to stand up for his principles with the vision to follow them through to conclusion.

enoch powell
Enoch Powell

The view I am about to put forward is not the view of our increasingly left-wing press, the labour party, 0ur Liberal elite who really rule this country or our increasingly cowardly Conservative Party but Enoch Powell is without question the greatest leader we never had, he was not in any way racist and it was the establishment and the press who decided his so-called Rivers of Blood speech was racist!

Enoch Powell had, at the time of the speech, the overall majority support of the British people and that support continues, were he around today he would be by far our most popular political figure.

What Enoch Powell did was to force the political agenda of the day but the attitude of  the government, opposition and the press amounted to censorship, they were not prepared to debate what was, and is still, a very important issue.

Even today any discussion of the issues about Race, immigration or asylum seekers etc are taboo issues, for the first time, and as a direct result of the 13 years of controlling Labour government this country was under censorship.

This country has and always will, welcome and immigrants but it’s perfectly reasonable to debate the issue and set standards, presumably they want to come here because they like our wayenoch powell of life and they should integrate into our society, our morals and our laws rather than the multicultural rubbish of the past 10/15 years.

This country has, quite simply, been ruined by politically correctness and a whole host of new career jobsworths in the legal, race relations, recrimination and social engineering professions and it must fall to our Conservative/Lib Dem coalition government to recreate the atmosphere of debate and it is not a debate about race or colour, it never was, it is a debate about integration and acceptance, it doesn’t just take in immigration but the European Union, why for instance are we forced to accept doctors from the European Union without a literacy/language skills assessment even if they have little communication skills in English.

While we are on the subject, why do we print election literature in dozens of different languages, it should be a requirement of the right to vote to be able to read and write English or how else can you possibly know what you are voting for and a basic requirement just to settle in this country permanently must be written and spoken English.

Some people may be uncomfortable with these views but they are perfectly sound and the views of the majority of the population.

Further reading

Enoch’s legacy is still tainting our party says Tory minister as he calls on  Cameron to reach out to ethnic minority voters
Treasury minister Sajid Javid – whose father  emigrated to the UK from Pakistan in 1961 with just £5 in his pocket – said the  Tories are still being hurt by their association with Mr Powell. This is total rubbish, Powell was as pro the welfare of the immigrant as Sajid Javid but he was also practical and realised that multiculturalism was the wrong way to go right from the start, the Liberal elite will never understand because it is very uncomfortable for them. Powell welcomed immigrants but thought they should come here because they liked the British way of life and be prepared to full integrate rather than create ghettos and separation and he has been proven 100% correct. We in the Conservative Party should be proud of our heritage and it is made easier by the support of the majority of the British people!

Multiculturalism: a toxic term for Tories
Politicians are just afraid of speaking what is just common sense about immigration and integration etc. it has after all the support of the majority of the British people but everyone is afraid of the minority Liberal Elite.

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