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Politics of Coalition, another policy ditched to appease Clegg!

Politics of coalition and yet another manifesto pledge ditched to pacify the Lib Dem’s and their politics of envy, amazing that the party that had a disastrous election result and is very much the minority party in the coalition has had over 70% of its manifesto implemented yet every major pledge of the Conservative Party has been dropped or compromised!

The politics of coalition and that Ladies and Gentlemen is why coalitions do not and will never work, 10,726,614 voted for the Conservative Party in the 2010 general election, 2m more than Labour and 4m more than the Lib Dem’s!


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Nick Clegg
Yes that is the real politics of coalition and is why coalitions do not and will never work, 10, 726,614 voted for the Conservative Party in the 2010 general election, 2m more than Labour and 4m more than the Lib Dem’s yet every headline policy the 10m+ Conservative voters voted for has been dropped or compromised, we are, as with every coalition being governed by the minority party, the Liberal Left elite.

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And now again another policy has been abandoned and sacrificed to the politics of envy with a stealth tax on the family home, the savers, strivers, workers, the very people who naturally support the Conservative Party and the people who will pull this country out of recession!

So there you are, the politics of common sense, and it is the politics that can win David Cameron the 2015 general election outright

Inheritance tax in itself is unfair, John Major had a policy to get rid of it all together but that was lost to Labour and over the last hundred years has destroyed whole families and a not inconsequential part of our countries history.

We pay tax when we earn money, when we spend money and when we save money so why on earth should we pay tax on it when we die, it will only enhance and enrich the fabric of this country if an inheritance is passed on in full and after all when that money is used, in any way, tax will be paid so the loss to the treasury is near zero, fair to the people and fair to the government.

The politics of envy which governs the left is a sinister philosophy and the Lib Dem’s will ask how do we pay for the care of the elderly then, firstly as one country I can’t grasp why care in your old age costs nothing in Scotland and a fortune in England, just who is paying for elderly care in Scotland, probably us!

Paying for care of the elderly can be paid for in many other, far fairer, ways which are all blocked by the Lib Dem’s

  1. Reducing the number os MP’s by 50, saving £25+m
  2. Ditching the nonsense green policies which are mainly based on untested science, this is not to say we won’t be green but we will be a practical and pragmatic green, probably saving in excess of £500m
  3. Reducing our foreign aid budget simply by only using it where it is being effective, saving probably £3b
  4. Closing tax loopholes, not criminalising tax payers but closing the tax loopholes they quite rightly take advantage of, remember companies like Starbucks may minimise their tax bill but they have done it legally, employ 1,ooo’s of people and pay £millions in National Insurance, saving about £3b

So there you are, the politics of common sense, and it is the politics that can win David Cameron the 2015 general election outright, it is the politics that everyone understands, see below some quotes from the Conservative Party conference in 2007, the politics and the common sense behind these quotes must form the basis for election victory in 2015 (Daily Mail 12th February 2013).


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Top Tories savage Osborne’s stealth rise in death duties: Chancellor condemned  for going back on his landmark pledge of £1m inheritance threshold

Axe inheritance tax – it causes too much economic damage
There was a time, just a few years ago, when the Conservative party understood that inheritance tax was not just a viciously unfair form of double taxation but
also a fail-safe way of impoverishing the nation by consuming its capital base. Most of its MP’s still accept this, but the Tory leadership no longer does, to win the next
general election the Conservative Party has to return to these principles!

Jeremy Hunt: We broke inheritance tax pledge because it wasn’t in the Coalition Agreement, were their any headline Conservative policies in the Coalition Agreement, it is about time we stopped allowing the tail to wag the dog! 

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