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Smacking – Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child

Smacking, this is a hot debate which has been going on for decades and will continue, it is the debate between spoilt social engineering do-gooder’s and sometimes just confused parents and the average confident traditional parent but the anti-smacking brigade has, without question, done enormous harm to generations of young people.

Smacking, or I should say, anti-smacking brigade has created a society within our society without respect or discipline, no respect for the elderly, no compassion, no respect for the law and its enforcers!


Chris Grayling

So let us now expand this because we are not just talking about smacking but it is the whole culture that has grown up around the anti-smacking movement that has created this minority society without discipline and respect, for the law, people or property.

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This has been going on for decades, it has not only produced the current crop of children but their parents, and in most cased their parents from the same, almost, religion, it is all part of the do what you like, not allowed to lose protected way of bringing up children and its followers have done great damage, often without appreciating it!

I often visit houses where families have little or no discipline, children drawing all over the walls and doing exactly what they want, when they want and in that sort of environment they gain no respect for property, their parents or society in general.

Children in their growing up years are naturally pushing boundaries, it is how they get to know right from wrong, gain and understand respect, it won’t happen with just talking, a sharp smack on the legs to let them know that is far enough is tried and tested.

I was brought up in the era where we had discipline in the home and at school, I would never have gone home and told my father that I had the cane at school because he would have given me another clip for misbehaving at school, the teacher got total support from parents, now the parents sue the school, even for a raised voice!

I remember when someone misbehaved in gym class and no one would tell who it was so everyone got the slipper but you know the only teacher I can remember is that gym teacher who I have great respect for, I do remember one other teacher but that is because she had a very short skirt and great legs and she did give me the cane for looking!

Those days where smacking, not aggression, just light smacking was normal, respect for the elderly, discipline in the home and families sat at the table to eat with even the youngest children able to use a knife and fork, where you shook in your shoes if a policeman called you over and children went out to win at sports day, those were the days and it was a lot healthier society!

It was really good to see Chris Grayling the Justice Secretary come out in support of, only when it is required, occasionally smacking children and it is good to see this Conservative government trying to move back towards more traditional values but of course against great opposition from Labour and the Lib Dem’s who are the leading lights in this movement which has caused so much damage to generations of children but luckily not the majority!

Finally, yes my rant is over, nearly, I am very sad but when I go to a restaurant I always look at how people eat and the number of young people, and some not so young, who cannot use a knife and fork is appalling, I remember when it was a parents pride and joy to see their young child using a knife and fork correctly but today table manners don’t seem to be taught. There are actually companies who when interviewing for junior/trainee management roles take the candidates for a meal to see how they perform at a table before final selection because without social skills they will not be successful in the roles they are being interviewed for, it is really sad because a lack of basic manners and social skills will blight those children for their entire life.

Listening to some teenagers talking the other day and every other word was a swear word, I have employed young men who can’t get through a sentence without swearing, even in the presence of women, disgraceful but it is the discipline malaise created by the liberal left elite who have done and are doing so much damage! 

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Let parents smack their children just as I did, says Justice Secretary Chris Grayling

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