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William Hague, this is Politics, show us your Real Authority

William Hague, please put your foot down and regain your real authority!

Without question William Hague is probably the most talented politician in the commons, a proven politician and someone we really can’t afford to lose, such talent is currently rare in the world of real politics.

William Hague has not looked comfortable since the coalition began and that is understandable, he has had to

  • look on whilst Nick Clegg, roundly beaten at the General Election, becomes Deputy Prime Minister
  • keep quiet as David Cameron dabbles disastrously in foreign Affairs
  • bite his tongue over Europe where his views are much more in tune with the British public
  • stand by whilst numerous Conservative policies, essential to the recovery of this country are blocked by the Lib Dem’s

William Hague’s performance in the commons during foreign Affairs questions was also strange, this is a man who normally dominates Parliament looking very subdued, as if he wanted to say something but couldn’t and I think he was taking the rap for someone else, a certain David Cameron!

So come on William Hague, this country needs you in full flow, establish your own authority within the coalition, your country need you and you can do it with ease.

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