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Tim Sherwood, the Final Fling, Passionate about Spurs But!

So Tim Sherwood was given his chance, mid-season he was the only choice but he deserved an opportunity and has shown what we all thought, he is just not ready and maybe he will never be ready!

Tim Sherwood is passionate about Spurs but it takes more than passion to manage a big football club like Tottenham Hotspur.

Tim Sherwood has failed at Spurs and worryingly he looks to have all the traits of a young Roy Keane who has failed at every club management job he has taken on but why did Tim Sherwood actually fail?

A few comments which point to failure

  1. Tim Sherwood shows a total lack of tactical nous required for the premiership and an inability to make the vital changes during a game.
    tim sherwood
    Tim Sherwood
    Manager Tottenham Hotspur
  2. He was very successful at getting Adebayor fired up but I am still not convinced, apparently if Adebayor had left before February he would has lost £1.2m connected with his transfer to Spurs so he was never going to leave in the January window and I think now he is playing for his next contract, he has form for this.
  3. Who in their right mind goes to play Liverpool at Anfield, when they have previously won 0 – 5 at White Hart Lane, and plays Sigurdsson and Bentaleb as holding mid-fielders in front of the back 4 when we had Sandro, one of the best in the world in that position, on the bench? Sigurdsson is hardly a holding mid-fielder and Bentaleb is far too inexperienced, we of course lost 4.0.
  4. Tim Sherwood has not made himself part of the inner team and lives out his management frustrations in the press, criticizing the club and senior management for past decisions, like a spoilt child he needs to grow up and mature, he is still too much a player mentality!

Tim Sherwood is a good man but he is not as good a manager as he thinks he is, he either need to drop back into a no2 position a Spurs for a few years or learn his craft in the lower divisions, he also has to remember that being like Roy Keene is not the way to success.

Spurs now need to go and secure Louis van Gaal, this would be a master stroke by Daniel Levy and next season may just see the true resurgence of Tottenham Hotspur, his appointment would send shivers through the premiership.

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