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Heseltine dismisses UKIP as a modern-day CND as usual he is WRONG!

So Lord Heseltine thinks UKIP should be dismissed as a modern-day CND but don’t be fooled, all Lord Heseltine is interested in the UK staying within the European Union whether or not it is good for the UK.

Lord Heseltine is a member of the ruling Liberal Elite who think they have a right to govern and it is this grouping and attitude that nearly destroyed the Conservative Party and our country!

Heseltine’s assertion that UKIP should be treat as the modern day CND ignores one basic fact, CND was a relatively small pressure group with support in the country in single figures but UKIP, amongst other things, represents 70% of the British electorate in their opposition to Britain’s continued membership of the European Union.

heseltineIn fact, if UKIP get their act together and clear out their undesirables, UKIP could become the UK’s 3rd party replacing the Lib Dem’s, UKIP are in many ways the Conservative Party of Margaret Thatcher in exile and speak to the real concerns of the electorate.

Heseltine and the ruling Liberal Elite value the ‘power without accountability’ which is the European Union (EU) model, even if voters vote against a European Union initiative in a referendum the EU swiftly tells the relevant country to vote again and again until they get the right answer, democracy does not exist in the EU the way it does in the UK and UKIP actually terrifies people like Heseltine.

Heseltine along with Peter Mandelson, Blair, Patton, Clegg & co believe and have stated publicly that the electorate of the UK cannot be trusted with an IN/OUT vote on British membership of the EU, there is very little argument for staying in and they will fight like mad to try and stop the British people having their say.

For the Conservative Party to treat UKIP as the modern day CND would be suicide for both the Conservative Party and the country, what is the answer, I can’t be sure but to dismiss UKIP would, without question, cost the Conservative Party the 2015 general election by a wide margin, condemn the UK to rule from Brussels and end real democracy in this country because the Liberal Elite would end up in charge for good.

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