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Spying, we all Spy on each other, no need to be so Self-Righteous!

Spy, every nation in the world is involved in Spying, we all spy on each other and always have done since civilisation began, our enemies, terrorists, al-Qaeda, Taliban etc. are all spying on the west which is why our countries must have this capability and network.

Angela Merkel should not worry about the British and Americans spying on her, they are not out to kill her but the Taliban, al-Qaeda etc. might be, think of the thousands of lives which have been saved throughout Europe because of these operations!


SpyYes, the very nature of spying dictates that spy’s operate on the very fringes of what would normally be acceptable and sometimes they will via too far, one way or the other but we shouldn’t be so bloody self righteous, we should be thankful that we do have an efficient spy network, probably in the UK one of the best in the world.

Do we really believe that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is not spying on every western country, do we really believe he will not take every advantage with the information he gains, do we also believe China are not spying on us because I can tell you they are and they will definitely use the information to every advantage.

Look at another situation, Pakistan is a member of the Commonwealth and always considered a friendly country to the West receiving massive aid from America but they are alsospy a full nuclear power and trying to include the Taliban in peace talks which could involve them in being part of a government, can you imagine a Pakistan government dominated by the Taliban, the Taliban’s finger on a nuclear trigger is the Wests biggest nightmare, no wonder they sent in a drone to kill the Taliban leader and scupper talks.

We just have to know what is going on in the world and sometimes that surveillance will overstep the mark but the alternative would be disaster, the world now, no thanks to Tony Blair, is as dangerous as it has ever been for a couple of centuries and the West must have both the intelligence and defences to be able to deal with it and yes, keep us safe, in essence we have to deal with reality and not be taken in by the left-wing Liberal elite, the anarchists and the celebrities running for cover! 

The intelligence networks of the UK and America have saved countless lives, most of their successes we will never hear about but we should be eternally grateful for their courage, although there needs to be some control on the material collected, the main restriction must be on how the material is used to protect the individual but we live in a very dangerous world and we just have to remain one step ahead of our enemies!

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