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Spurs, Good Bye to AVB, King is dead, long live the King!

Well I think it was a good and brave punt by Spurs and Daniel Levy but in the end it did not work and it is the end of AVB in the premiership, thankfully Levy has been swift in decision, hopefully he will be just as swift in finding the replacement.

So who will be the next Spurs manager, I wouldn’t be surprised if Levy already has the replacement and YES, Hoddle would not be a bad choice!

I don’t think it was wrong for Spurs to part company with Harry Redknapp, he did a fantastic job but I just don’t think he had the tactical nouse to take Spurs into the upper echelons of European football, I also don’t think it was a wrong punt to try AVB but it hasn’t worked and we are right to move on swiftly.

Andre Villas-Boas
Former Spurs Manager

I also totally disagree with Jamie Redknapp who is saying AVB dismantled one of the best team Spurs ever had, the team AVB took over from Harry Redknapp was overdue for a overhaul and was carrying so much dead wood such as Defoe, Ady, Crouch, etc. etc. and it was right to let Livermore and Huddlestone go but no one could have stopped Modric and Bale leaving, Spurs did not willingly sell Modric or Bale, they left, Modric virtually went on strike.

Some people are even calling for Daniel Levy to go but without Levy Spurs would not be in the position they are today, to be able to compete at any level of football and pay the required transfer fees, Spurs are just 5 points off the top 4 places and have one of the strongest squads in the premiership, we really just need a good coach/man manager/attacking tactician. AVB did turn out to be a mistake for Spurs but it was a fair punt and at least Levy has the courage to firstly try something different and then quickly recognising when it has failed, Levy is without question the best chairman in the premiership.

So where did AVB go wrong and it wasn’t not playing Defoe, it was not appreciating the premiership, how much faster it is, how much more physical it is and how long it takes players to acclimatise which can easily be a whole season, AVB also lacked mature man management skills.

For instance we all new it would take time for Eric Lamela to acclimatise to the premiership as it took him 6 months at Roma and at only 21, moving to England, not speaking the language, the speed and physicality of the premiership it was always going to take time but for Eric Lamela to get up to speed he has to play, he is NEVER going to get up to speed sat on the bench and mark my words Lamela has the full toolbox to be far better than Bale, he has to play every match!

Then AVB insisted on playing with his inverted wingers system when what he should have been doing is playing his wingers in the traditional manner, beating their man and providing the crosses for Roberto Soldado, what is the point of buying Soldado and not providing him with any service, every game Saldado has played he has been excellent in all round play but he is feeding off scraps, why not play Lamela just behind Saldado as a second striker, he has done it before very successfully at Roma.

Finally, because this could go on and on, Sandro must be the first name on any team sheet and make Jan Vertonghen on field captain because Michael Dawson can now only be considered a squad Player, he is far too slow to cope with the modern forwards.

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Sam Allardyce has said it would have taken a miracle for AVB to get all the new players performing well in such a short time and he is correct but AVB just wasn’t making progress, he came on board with an attacking reputation but was moving ever more towards a defensive formation to avoid losing rather going out and winning, it is the SPURS WAY and I repeat, you can’t get Lamela up to speed without playing him!

It will be interesting to see what team Tim Sherwood puts, bringing back players like Defoe is a backward step, Defoe has never been and isn’t a top 4 striker but we should play 2 up with either Adebayor or Lamela partnering Saldado perhaps Lloris – Walker, Dawson, Chiriches, Rose – Lennon, Sandro, Holtby or Eriksen, Townsend – Lamela, Saldado or have Adebayor partnering Saldado and let Lamela replace either Lennon or Townsend!  

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