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Spurs, the King is Dead, Long Live the King!

Well if you believe the press Harry Redknapp has left Spurs, so sad but his own fault, if Daniel Levy gives you loyalty he expects it back, Harry though coveted the England job for which the press and fans made him favourite, the FA though were happy for the smoke screen!

Despite what I said in my previous post Spurs do have a lot to thank Harry for, he got them playing and made them a real top 4 team but he lost the plot and dreamed of England and the players lost their mojo

I was not sure when he arrived but he won me over, Harry oh Harry you could be the most frustrating individual and a little short on tactical nous but I warmed to you and would have loved to see you see out your management career at Spurs with a 4 year contract but you didn’t repay the loyalty of Daniel Levy, you dreamed about England whilst your players lost their mojo and blew the 10 point cushion and 3rd place which quite unluckily lost Spurs their Champions League place and

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