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Spurs – ‘D’ Day for Redknapp, will he STAY or will he GO?

Spurs Harry Redknapp had it in the bag, he had got Spurs into a solid 3rd place with a 10 point cushion and a Chairman who supported him both in the transfer market and during his court case where his only defense was that he an idiot who could barely read, write or count and could not possibly have defrauded the Inland Revenue!

Spurs manager Harry Redknapp – Not me guv, I can’t move without my accountant, never written a letter in my life, how could I possibly defraud the Inland Revenue, I wouldn’t know how!

You can understand why the Spurs Chairman Daniel Levy feels let down by Redknapp, he supported him all through his court case and had placed a juicy 4 year contract on the table but Redknapp’s attention was on the England job, which he was never going to get as Roy Hodgson was always the choice and he let slip a 10 point cushion in 3rd place to finish 4th losing the Champions League place to Chelsea.

You might say Spurs would have taken 4th place at the start of the season and were very unlucky to lose the Champions League slot to Chelsea but the point is Harry’s ego and his promoting of his availability for the England job fazed the players and led to a massive loss of form which eroded completely Spurs 10 point cushion for 3rd place, we should have been home and dry.

Last year Daniel Levy supported Redknapp and refused to let any star players leave even though there was no Champions League football but this time Redknapp had it in the bag with plans for some really world-class signings in this summers transfer window but he blew it which will cost Spurs in excess of

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