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Spurs, Real Madrid and the saga of Gareth Bale

Yes, I know but I have been a Spurs fan since the 60s and yet another post about Spurs but this is just a fascinating transfer window, will Gareth Bale stay or go and is someone going to take Real Madrid to task over tapping up a player who is on a long contract?

Are Spurs asking too much for Bale but then there are 3 Bale prices, his value to Real Madrid, his value just as a footballer and his value to Spurs, Tottenham Hotspur are of course asking for a price that reflects his value to Tottenham Hotspur!

Real Madrid on the other hand need to decide the potential value of Gareth Bale to Real Madrid but whether or not the price for Bale is his value to Real Madrid or his value to Spurs neither will have much to do with his actual value as a footballer but then Ronaldo was and isn’t worth £80m as a footballer but his potential value to Real Madrid was much more!

Gareth Bale, will he be a Spurs player this coming season?

Real Madrid though have shown themselves to be totally ruthless breaking all the rules of the game around non tapping up of players on contract, you can see their tactics all designed to unsettle the player

  1. Declare you are not going to bid this transfer window, which Real Madrid did and Gareth Bale declared he wanted to remain with Spurs.
  2. Start rumours about a rethink and potential massive bids being placed when even today no official bid has been received.
  3. All the great and the good start talking up Gareth Bales move to Real Madrid trying to turn the head of the player and succeeding to a large degree.
  4. Get the players agent on side, obviously he is due to a huge commission and I am convinced it is Bales agent who wants the move to Real Madrid far more than Gareth Bale.
  5. Once the player is close to asking/actually instigating a move, talk the price down making Daniel Levy look greedy and unreasonable.

Real Madrid are like a spoilt child, a bully who can’t handle not getting their own way but in Daniel Levy and Joe Lewis they have more than met their match, they will remember this contest for a long time and meanwhile I dream of getting into the Champions League this coming season and thrashing Real Madrid in the final the following year, it is a good dream!

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