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Rape, Politics of the Politically Correct and Eddie Shah!

Now we really have to tread carefully because there are few worse crimes than rape and the consequences of rape can stay with the victim for the rest of their lives but so can a wrongful charge of rape which often blights the mans life and reputation, mud sticks and people can be too ready to condemn.

To repeat their are very few worse crimes than rape but also from a mans perceptive their are few worse things to be wrongly accused of, mud really does stick!

Eddie Shah


Whilst I will not belittle the crime of rape it is can be very difficult to prove, there are the obvious rapes where a girl is attacked on her way home or during a break-in, then there are the boyfriend/girlfriend situations where the girl said stop/no just before actual intercourse and then there is the cry of rape after sex has taken place and in most rape cases the only witness is the supposed victim.

So many questions, does the girl actually mean no or does that no mean yes, many couples have a ‘safe word’ which means stop simply because they want to be able to shout stop, mercy etc. as part of the moment, sex is a very difficult area and whilst we must at all times protect women that protection must also extend equally to men, many men have in the past been wrongly accused of rape and that sticks with them for life does as an actual rape does with a women 

Now let us look at Eddie Shah who was recently found innocent of rape charges, Shah has received a lot of stick for his views on rape and what have been called degrees of rape and I would agree with the criticism of Shah in that there are no degrees of rape, it is or is not rape, the definition of rape is follows: 


Definition of rape
Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse, which is initiated by one or more persons against another person without that person’s consent. The act may be carried out by physical force, coercion, abuse of authority or against a person who is incapable of valid consent, such as one who is unconscious, incapacitated, or below the legal age of consent’

Eddie Shah in fact did not get his point across and left himself open to criticism, the people making the criticism intentionally or unintentionally missed the point, the Jimmy Saville’s of  this world are obviously nasty pieces of work and in Seville’s case the Police, Hospital Staff and the BBC have an awful lot to answer for, simply because they must have known.

But all this has now turned into a witch hunt with many major celebrities involved and even if they are proven innocent the mud will stick to their tarnished reputations for the rest of their lives, as for the girls reputations, we will never even know who they are.

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It really does appear as if these people, some with revered reputations, are guilty until proven innocent which is dangerous and turns our justice system on its head, even if they are convicted we have to take into account the circumstances surrounding their act, I am old enough to remember the culture during the period these celebrities were making their way in show business and in those days we had the groupies, young 13/14/15/+ year old girls dressed up looking all of early 20s+, you could not tell any different, they looked all of 20+.

These girls, called groupies in those days, followed the young stars around in packs with the express intention of getting one into bed and I am sorry but these young men would have had no idea, or maybe interest in their age but would have presumed they were very late teens to early 20s because that was how they were made up!

Yes,  as per the definition of rape above, if the girls were under age it was rape but  the stars more than likely never knew, you couldn’t tell, it certainly in a majority of cases, wasn’t without the girls consent because they probably went a long way to initiating the act so although technically wrong, in many cases these accusations could be extremely harsh and something which will ruin reputations and lives.

Whilst some of the people interviewed or arrested will be guilty and in the Jimmy Saville category I am very suspicious of these claims that arise 20/30/40 and sometimes 50 years after the event, it smacks of one word, COMPENSATION, I am sad that because of media attention and the guilt which belongs to the Police, Hospital Staff and the BBC we seem to have been dragged into this dangerous possibly unjust, in some cases, witch hunt.

Hot topic, one that deserves a full debate and you may violently disagree with me, that is fine, make your feelings known by commenting below, your views are important. If you enjoyed the article please LIKE the ‘its just life’ page on FACEBOOK.

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