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Redundant, then wounded, the Politics of the Budget Cuts!

The second phase of the MOD redundancy notices to our troops on the front line have started to go out, in the world of real politics what will be the political cost of soldiers being wounded or killed after receiving their redundancy notice.

But just why are we doing it, we know all about the deficit but I firmly believe that soldiers who sign up to lay their life on the line for their country should not be subject to redundancy at any time, their job has to be secure and there is actually no need!

We currently have around 250,000 soldiers but they are ‘supported’ by an amazing 100,000++ Civil Servants which is a ridiculous ratio and should be nearer to 10:1, an additional few thousand leaving the MOD administration would not be missed and probably even more money could be saved, particularly if we brought the MOD into line with say a ratio of Soldiers to Civil Servants of, let’s be kind with a ratio of 8:1, which would lead to a reduction from 100,000++ to 31,250 over say 10 years.

Then the argument goes that we now have less equipment so we need fewer soldiers but we are currently fighting 2 wars and the world is a far more dangerous place now than at any time in the past 50 years, these defence cuts must be reversed and, forget the Lib Dem’s, the cost should be covered out of the foreign aid budget, after all in fighting these wars we are aiding a foreign country!

It is very worrying that David Cameron and certain of his senior ministers seem to be digging themselves into holes which are embarrassing to get out of which shows his lack of touch and appreciation of real life, I think this is all partly because he is actually a little out of touch but also because of the restraints placed on the government by the Lib Dem’s which must be stopped.

David Cameron has to rethink some of his policies from a Conservative view-point and any U-turns should be made now, no matter how embarrassing, make them now and he has 4 years to reap the rewards, so lets start with the MOD – TODAY!

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