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Don’t sleepwalk into AV as we did into the Politics of Hell, in Europe

The politics of Hell, in Europe, may seem a little strong but it is quite mild when you look at what we have lost and the cost to this country and getting out is no easy matter, the politics of AV or any proportional system would destroy democracy as we know it!

The people of this country are very close to sleepwalking into a YES vote in favour of AV without fully realising the consequences, one very visible consequence is the rioting in the streets against the broken promises of the current coalition, this is the norm with all coalitions because all policy is really decided after the election behind closed doors, you never know what you are voting for and you can’t kick them out!

By voting for AV you will be voting for the same broken promises over and over

Manifesto’s will have no value, they will only contain policies to be suggested to the eventual coalition after the election, AV or any proportional system is also designed to keep ONE party in power and in this case as the 3rd party it is the Lib Dem’s, they will just switch between the Conservatives Party and the Labour Party whichever party has the most seats!

We got into this position when the Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg out negotiated David Cameron and jumped him into a vote on AV, there was no need and a shrewd political move would have been to call Nick Clegg’s bluff and let him go with the labour party!

a shrewd political move would have been to call Nick Clegg’s bluff and let him go with the labour party!

A Labour/Lib Dem coalition would have been a disaster and did not have the number of seats to survive for long, with clever thinking and tactics the Conservatives could have been picking up a stonking election victory, about now!

Perhaps we can send Mr Cameron on a negotiation course but in the meantime remember, a vote for AV is a vote for:

  1. permanent power for the 3rd party
  2. permanent coalition government
  3. even more voter apathy because they will soon find out they can never change anything
  4. increased corruption
  5. and further alienation of politics and politicians from the public

The First Past the Post System, once the constituencies have been equalised with nominally equal voting numbers, is the worlds fairest voting system and 99% of the time leads to a strong government so think hard and Vote for your Countries future Democracy, Success and Stability – VOTE NO to AV!

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